1,800-year-old ancient limestone slab unearthed in Turkey’s Karabük province

Uncategorized Faizah Kamal 27-Dec-2019

An ancient slab dating back around 1,800 years was unearthed in Turkey’s northern Karabük province.

The limestone slab had a silhouette of a woman on it and was found during excavation works in the ancient city of Hadrianopolis – now located 3 kilometres east of the Eskipazar district of the Karabük province.

Faculty Member of the Department of Archaeology of Karabük University (KBÜ) Ersin Çelikbaş said that the slab has an inscription on it reading: “Herakleides, son of Glaukos, presented this.”

“The slab has a figure of a woman on it wearing a traditional dress, holding ears of wheat in her right hand and wearing a belt with a snake on her waist. Most probably, this is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture Demeter,” he said.