3 Things you must do to be fit in Ramadan

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fit in Ramadan
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On the evening of the first day of Ramadan, Ramiz was going through the social media feed. Suddenly he saw a post from his beloved daughter Ruksana. She has uploaded a snapshot of their dinner table and captioned it as ‘First Sehri of 2021.’ Ramiz smiled, Ruksana is becoming a true Muslim.

The significance of Ramadan

Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on each one’s inner self. It is a way to physically and spiritually purify, abstaining from all bad habits. The last third of Ramadan is especially holy. It commemorates when the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

On another hand, Ramadan usually occurs during the longest and hottest days of the year. We get a very short period of time to eat or drink after fasting for 16 hours straight. Therefore, we need to be balanced and careful about choosing what to eat for Sehri and Iftar.

A true Muslim’s purpose in Ramadan is to purify his or her inner self, not to get sick of over-fasting and eating the wrong kind of food. Therefore, certain essential tips should be maintained.

There are a few tips a true Muslim must follow to observe Ramadan:

1. Don’t forget to drink water:

The body of an average person has the ability to absorb 8-10 ounces of water every 20 minutes. So, drinking a large amount of water at a time won’t help in hydrating. The excess water will be expelled by urination. So, the best plan is to drink little portions of water throughout the evening. This way you can stay hydrated. You can even connect your water with your prayers, this way it will be easy for you to remember. Like drinking 10 ounces of water before praying Maghrib. Etc.

2. Don’t forget to take your vitamins:

As we take part in such a long fast, we don’t always get the essential micronutrients for our health. That is when a good multivitamin supplement is important. Our body needs 13 essential vitamins. The majority of these are obtained by the food we eat. Therefore, during Ramadan take a multivitamin supplement from whole food sources. These type of vitamins are made of dehydrated foods, hence making the nutrients more bioavailable.

3. Avoid intense workout routine

In spite of your impeccable health and fitness, fasting for 16 long hours for 30 days will be impactful on your body. Hence, it is advised to avoid intense workouts at this time. After heavy exercises, our body looks for macronutrients like Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins to repair muscle fibres. Due to fasting, these nutrients become little to unavailable. Hence, an intense workout will actually work against you by making you weak and unfit for the long term.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy this festival with all of your heart. Wish you all a very happy Ramadan.