5 Airports With Cool Attractions

Sights Syahirah Mokhtazar 06-Aug-2019

Traveling is fun and all that but sometimes waiting long hours at the airport be it for flight delays or layovers can get pretty boring.

Airports don’t commonly offer many attractions other than coffee shops and lounges full of uncomfortable chairs, so you can curl up in a ball and dive your nose in a book as you wait for your call to board the plane.

But some airports have gone the extra mile to keep things interesting for travelers to kill time, with their super cool amenities.

Here are some cool airports around the world that offer interesting attractions for travelers:


Singapore’s Changi Airport is not only physically breathtaking, but it also offers so many things to do for travelers that it might as well be a tourist attraction on its own. From massive gardens to a canopy park (and bridge!), the airport even has a four-story indoor slide that’s suitable for kids and adults. The airport is also home to more than 300 shops and free movie theatres and houses many art installations. If you have a lot of time to spare, you can even swim at the airport’s rooftop pool too. Don’t forget to check out the spectacular HSBC Rain Vortex, said to be the world’s tallest indoor waterfall!

(Photo: Changi Airport)


Feeling stressed? If you happen to be at the San Fransisco International Airport, head to the yoga room for a little stretch and decompress on your own terms. With the dim light and soothing environment, it makes for the perfect little oasis to keep your mind at ease before jet setting to your next destination. It opens daily for 24 hours and best of all, it’s free.

(Photo: San Fransisco International Airport)


At the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, travelers can experience a diversity of cultural activities through its workshops such as making traditional handicrafts. If you’re not into making handicrafts, you can marvel over the ones that are put on display in the exhibition areas as well. There are two traditional culture workshops located in the airport, in both east and west wings. In addition to that, you can catch the daily traditional mask dance performances held at the West Wing Centre, usually performed at 12pm while the one at the East Wing Centre happens at 2 pm.

(Photo: Incheon Airport)


Part of what makes this airport unique is its amazing collection of art on display. But besides that, the airport in 2007 had built a 114,000-litre aquarium, housing more than 50,000 marine animals native to British Columbia. From spot wolf eels to sea stars, giant kelps, there’s so much to see!

(Photo: YVR)


Not all airports provide nap-friendly places. But at London Heathrow Airport, you can actually take a nap in sleeping cabins called Yotel that are complete with en suite bathrooms and comfortable beds for you to get some much-needed blissful sleep (just be sure to not miss your flight!) The cabins are located at Terminal 4, Mezzanine Level. Rooms are priced starting from $40 for four hours.

(Photo: Yotel)