5 hijab-friendly ways to wear a mask

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In this worldwide pandemic, only washing hands and using a face mask can protect us from getting affected. Face masks are very much everyday essentials now. But, hijab and face mask never goes too well. Either they become uncomfortable, or they simply do not look good. Therefore, there are some hijab-friendly alternatives to usual face masks. But the question is, are they safe? Let’s discuss!

1. Hijab friendly surgical masks:

If you are lucky, you will get your hands on a box of hijab-friendly masks. These masks are very comfortable and go well with hijab. They are basically surgical masks with loops that go around the head instead of around your ears. They give full protection of a typical surgical mask with convenience. But, not so easy to find online or in shops.

2. Detachable extenders for hijab-friendly masks:

To wear a mask with a hijab, the easiest way is using an extender or head loop. It can be found in all kinds of materials from plastic to velcro. These extenders allow the wearer to wear the mask around the head instead of putting the loops over the ear. These are small and portable, and easy to find on shops.

3. Tie back reusable masks with filter slot:

Reusable masks have become a popular alternative to surgical face masks. They are more eco friendly and of course look good. One can also make one’s own mask. That is why, some home based business have started making hijab-friendly reusable masks with a slot for filters. But remember, you have to wash and clean it properly everytime you wear. But, you need at least 2-3 masks as they must be washed after each use. Also, you need to purchase the filters separately.

4. Tie back reusable masks without filter slot:

Some people have begun to produce reusable masks which don’t come with space for a filter. These masks are typically made with breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen. These are usually comfortable, but these don’t have the same range of protection as surgical or filtered masks. So it is better to use a surgical mask beneath this.

5. Hijab-friendly shawl-mask combo:

Some Muslimah apparel stores have started selling shawls that come with a fabric flap. This flap can be raised to cover the mouth like a mask. Apparently, it is a variation of jilbab. While these are actually stylish, a surgical mask must be worn beneath them.

The second wave of the pandemic has hit many countries. Some are recovering, some are yet to recover. Therefore, double masking is absolutely necessary. Wear whatever mask you like, but always try to use two of them. For example, use a reusable mask with a surgical mask. Use a surgical mask beneath the shawl mask combo. Take care. Ameen.

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