5 Luxurious Underwater Resorts Around The World

A room with a view is always ideal when on vacation. Regardless of a city skyline view, or a view of gorgeous sandy beaches, walking outside to your balcony to a picturesque view is oh-so-lovely! Some hotels though, take the ‘room with a view’ idea to a whole new level – below sea level, to be exact. While you’ll be waking up to the morning sun creeping in your window at most hotels around the world, these hotels, on the other hand, offers guests to immerse themselves in marine life, in the most luxurious settings.




Due to its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, Maldives become the dream destination for many. With Islam being its official religion, finding delicious halal food, prayer facilities isn’t a problem. Not only is it home to breathtaking sceneries of nature, but the Conrad Maldives Rangali island, is also home to the world’s first ever underwater hotel residence. It’s more than just a room or a suite, this is a two-story villa set more than 16 feet below the Indian Ocean. Muraka translates to coral in Dhivehi, Maldives’ local language. While the top floor comes with a relaxation deck so you can allow yourself, the underwater unit is where the magic is at. The price per night is a steep $50,000, and is enough to sleep nine people. But the catch (pun intended) is that the room requires a minimum of a four-night stay.

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Resorts World Sentosa is home to a magical marine world with over 100,000 aquatic forms. Its Ocean Suits joins the bandwagon of luxury hotels pushing the envelop to provide travelers unique experiences. The underwater accommodations come in the form of 11 two story units and boast of acryclic panels measuring nearly 60 square feet, allowing guests to marvel at the marine life from the comfort of their room. Its upper level has an outdoor deck and a private dip pool. Price per night would be about $1,750.

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Equipped with floor to ceiling windows, Atlantis, The Palm resort in Dubai has two visually stunning underwater suits named Poseidon and Neptune. The rooms allow guests to sleep with about 65,000 marine animals. This sure is a magnet for well-off travelers as the price starts off at $8,200 per night. But the room does come with 24-carat gold flakes, even non-alcoholic sparkling date drink for Muslim guests and a 24-hour private butler service. Talk about the suite life!

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This is an incredibly romantic and luxury accommodation that’s truly one of a kind. It’s a submarine hotel that takes adventurous travelers on an exciting an unforgettable underwater journey. Lover’s Deep dives deep into the beautiful Caribbean, and makes pitstops across the islands of Barbados, Monsterrat, Martinique, St.Lucia and more. But according to Conde Nast traveler, guests can actually choose the location of where their submarine is spent.  For example, if you want a visit to the legendary locations of the real Pirates of the Caribbean to view a shipwreck or two, this can be adjusted. Right down to its amenities, everything about the Lover’s Deep submarine is built from the best, luxurious quality. It’s surely an experience one will never forget, just like its price tag – $292,000 a night.

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This resort is truly a sight to behold as it is located inside a quarry. With its scenic views of nature and large sculptures, the hotel also has two floors that are underwater.

The two floors underwater is submerged inside a 33-foot deep aquarium where guests can watch fish swim by. Named the Premier Underwater View suites, the underwater hotel floors come with a restaurant, and get this – an underwater swimming pool too. Price per night would be $15,000.

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