Final college decision: 5 Tips to follow

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Choosing a college is very difficult and not the kind of decision to be taken lightly. You need to be very conscious because this decision involves factors, including suitable location, fee, postgraduate success and other aspects that matter a lot. Some high schools’ students are having their future plans and interests, while some students are confused in their interests and don’t know how to make a final college decision.

Here are five tips for making decision in a best possible way:

1. Pray Istikhara

Istikhara is the best way through which Allah will guide you and make your decision easy and better for you. Perform two rak’ahs, and recite the prayer of Guidance before you sleep with an intension that Allah is going to guide you and help you in your task. Many people think that it is not necessary that you will get answer of your Istikhara in a dream, it could be like Allah will enable you to make better decision and will guide you to pick a certain course.

For example, if you are facing hurdles in applying for a specific course, then the answer of your istikhara is negative. On the other hand, if the process of applying for a particular course is straightforward and clear, then that answer of your Istikhara is positive.

“If he makes Istikharah, then whatever Allah makes him feel happy about and makes easy for him, this is what Allah has chosen for him” -Ibn Taymiyyah [Majmu’ al-Fatawa (10/539)]

Trust in Allah and go for it, you will find yourself in the most suitable institute Inshallah.

2. Think of your temperament and your end goals

Do you find yourself capable of a thriving career? Do you prefer to work in solitude? Or you enjoy working in teams?

After answering such questions, you will come to know about what kind of career path would be best for you, and will help you in making a final college decision. Spend some time knowing yourself that what kind of career path suits your interests and abilities.

Do you want enough money to feed your family? Or do you want a community-focused career, with fewer amount of money?

3. Reflect on your weakness and strength

What kind of subjects were your favorite at school? Do you like studying English or history? If you are weak in math, then engineering and accountability are not good for you. If you are interested in Biology, then you must go for medical studies.

Do consider, all your weak and strong points regarding your subjects, it will help you in deciding a better and comfortable career path for yourself. If you are interested in both the STEM subjects as well as the humanities, then pick an option of double degree.

4. Speak to your guide, mentor and to your parents

Parents, who have strong bonding with their children have better idea about their interests and job prospects that suit them.

Try to understand the suggestions of your parents, even if you disagree at the start.

Some parents, had been deprived of their goals which they were interested in, or they didn’t go to college hence they want their children to fulfill their dreams, in this case if you disagree with your parents then it could be tricky. Arranging a meeting of your mentor with your parents, could help understand each

other’s point of view.

You can also take advice from your school teachers as they are also experienced and can suggest you a better career path before you make a final college decision.

5. You can always change your mind

While making your final college decision, you must know that you can always change your college major, even your degree. Sometimes we make mistakes and it is the best way to grow. Sometimes bad experiences and mistakes make you more mature and nourished. Changing your mind is not the end of everything, it means better opportunities are waiting for you, go and avail it.


(Written by Sadaf Riaz)

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