5 tricks to have a cozier home of your dreams

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During summertime, you want to get rid of any layer that increases heat in your home. But when the wintertime comes, you would want a cozier home full of fur layers to stick the heat inside and make the environment more warm and chilly. Visitors would want to visit cute homes that look comfortable to the eyes. Nowadays, transforming your home into a cozier state is as easy as throwing pillows, putting on new covering sheets, or even adjusting the lighting.

Here are 5 ways to make that happen

Slippers are on top of the list

The first thing to do in order to make yourself feel cozy is to put fur slippers underneath your bed or in front of the doorstep. From the moment you enter your home, you would want to change your pair of shoes that you wore the whole day into comfy slippers. In that way, you will feel comfortable from the moment you get back from outside. Keeping feet warm and cozy during wintertime is the best way to feel comfortable. And after you achieve this step, switch up to the next, rugs.

Textiles rugs underfoot for a cozier home

To make your house look comfortable and feel warm, you need to place giant rugs under your feet to block any access to the cold feeling that would flee from the floor. In case you can’t afford giant rugs, try buying a small one with different textiles and place them on different corners. For instance, place one in your kitchen, the other underneath your bed, and the rest in your living room. Rugs will be pleasing to the eye and will add an extra layer of comfort. If rugs are not available, carpets will do the job.

Adjust the lighting

By adjusting the lighting, it doesn’t mean making it darker that you would eventually find yourself falling asleep at 6 p.m. By considering your lighting, it is meant to make it softer like candles in order to spread the chilly vibes. Try placing warm LEDs on the walls, behind your bed, or on top of the tv. It will add an extra dimension to your decoration and will make your home look and feel warm. In case you can’t do that, choosing lighter curtains that allow lights to enter your home will do the trick. Avoid darker curtains that would light from accessing your room.

Display mirrors and memories

Walls are the first thing to focus on when it comes to putting extra accessories. Avoid leaving your walls dull and empty, rather, decorate them with mirrors. They add space and create illusions to your home. You will also be benefiting from it since you will be checking your outfits daily. In case you did that already and need a new trick, try collecting your favorite photos and cards to display on your walls to create warm memories. Another decoration trick that many would see: clocks. Different clock styles and shapes are available online in case you’re super lazy to move while it is cold outside.

Rethink your bedding and sofa covers for a cozier home

These make major changes when it comes to getting a cozier look for your home. Your bedding covers affect the overall look of your bedroom, therefore, try adding covers with pastel colors and thicker textiles to make it even warmer. Try throwing a blanket at the end of your bed as a form of decoration. Adding extra furry pillows that match your cover and sheets will also be an additional element of coziness. White, velvet, and fur are recommended.


(Written by freelancer Yara Lotfy)

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