6 short verses that will protect you from all kinds of evil

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Chapter An-Nas is the last chapter of the Quran. There are 6 short verses in this chapter. This chapter is also known as the ‘Chapter of Self-Defense’. Because this chapter protects its readers from all kinds of evils and harms by the command of Allah.

The last two chapters of the Quran – Chapter Al-Falaq and Chapter An-Nas are recited to ward off any evil. When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) himself was attacked by magic, Allah sent down these two chapters together to free him from magic. He was saved from magic by reciting these chapters repeatedly.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) even instructed us to recite these two chapters in case of any danger. He himself used to recite these two chapters 3 times every day before going to bed and in the morning and evening.

The following is a brief commentary on Chapter An-Nas:

Verses 1-3

“Say! I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, the King of mankind, the Ilah (God) of mankind.”

In the above verses, three attributes of Allah have been described. Man has been instructed to seek refuge in Allah, the great being. Who is endowed with the above three qualities, in order to save him from the plots of the devil who is always attached to him.

First attribute

The first attribute is called ‘Lord of Mankind’. Although all people believe in Allah as the Creator, many people object to believing in the Lord. For example, Pharaoh directly denied and claimed to be ‘I am your great Lord’ (79:24). There are innumerable rich, social leaders and statesmen of Pharaoh’s nature in the world who indirectly want to make similar demands. That is why Allah has brought His ‘Lord’ quality here in the beginning.

Second attribute

The second quality is called ‘King of mankind’. On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will take possession of all creation and say, “I am the King. Where are the (fake) kings of the earth today?”

People want to assert their authority in the world to show their superiority over one another. Protesting against this false authority of man over man, Allah has shown the quality of His monopoly and sovereignty by saying that He is the lord of mankind. By this, it is made clear that the ruler of man is not man, but Allah. All human beings have equal rights under the bondage of Allah.

Third attribute

The third quality is said to be ‘Ilah (God) of mankind’. People make gods by imposing miraculous powers on a person and an object based on ideas and imagination. But he who is being revered or worshiped cannot see or hear. He can do no harm, nor can he do any good.

Basically, these are nothing but deceptions of the devil on people. Protesting against polytheism alone, it has been said that there is only one Ilah (God) and the only rightful worshiper. And He is Allah and He is the only ‘God of mankind’. Thus, as the sole owner of Rububiyat, Malikiyat, and Uluhiyat, Allah has introduced His three main qualities at the beginning of this Chapter.

Verses 4-6

‘From the evil of the retreating whisperer’. ‘Who whispers [evil] into the breasts of mankind’. ‘From among the jinn and mankind.”

In these three verses, people are told to seek refuge in Allah in order to escape the evil of Satan’s plots. Because Satan is man’s constant companion. Whenever the servant takes the name of Allah, he retreats. Even when he heard the call to prayer, he ran out of the air. Satan moves in people’s veins. People do not have the power to stop it. But people fall into sin at the instigation of Satan. Therefore, people have been asked to seek refuge in Allah as the only strategy to suppress it.

In the sixth verse, Satan is divided into two parts. The devil from jinn plots in people’s hearts and the devil from mankind openly misguides and misleads people.

Allah says, “And thus We have appointed for every prophet many enemies from among men and from among the jinn. They persuade each other with charming words. So that they fall into deception. If your Lord had willed, they would not have done it. So cast them away and their falsehoods.” (6: 112)

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