7 enlightened black companions of the Prophet

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In this article, we will discuss the seven Companions of the Prophet (SAW) whose skin color was black. But the black color of the skin did not prevent them from being honored.

1. Umm Ayman

The Prophet had a mother named Umm Ayman; Who gave up her youth to nurture the Prophet. The Prophet (SAW) also gave him the glad tidings of Paradise.

The Prophet arranged her marriage in his old age. Zayd ibn Harith (R) married her. The Prophet (SAW) told the Companions many important things before his death. One of those words was, “Take care of Umm Ayman. Because she is like my mother. She is the only woman who has looked after me from birth to the end. The only member of my family who has been by my side throughout my life.”

The companions kept that promise. This black companion was not identified by the color of her skin. At one time she was not known as a slave. But her identity is that she is another mother of our beloved Prophet.

2. Usama bin Zayd

Usama (R) was the son of Zayd (R), the slave and foster son of the Prophet. The Prophet loved both father and son very much and trusted them a lot. The Prophet used them in many important matters of the state. Usama was so faithful to the Prophet (SAW) that he appointed Usama (R) as his chief of the army which was the last sent force of his life. Although there were many more honored Companions like Umar and Abu Bakr in that army. Thus, being the son of a slave or being black did not stand in the way of his ability. He was a revered black companion of the Prophet.

3. Sa’d Al-Aswad

He was poor, his skin color was black. No one wanted to marry his own daughter to him. One day Sa’d (R) sadly said to the Prophet, “O Messenger of Allah! Shall I go to paradise too? I am considered to be a lowly believer, no girl agrees to marry me. ”

The Prophet (SAW) understood his grief and sent a proposal of marriage for him to the beautiful daughter of a rich man. But the man refused. Hearing that The Prophet had sent him, the daughter of that person forcibly agreed to the marriage. But before their marriage could take place, Sa’d (R) was martyred in a Jihad. The Prophet (SAW) gave him the glad tidings of Paradise and informed the other Companions that the beautiful wives of Paradise had descended and started competing for him. In this way the black companion Sa’d (R) became part of the honorable.

4. Zulaybib

He is one of the most unknown among the companions of the Prophet. Many Muslims may have never heard of him. He was called ‘Zulaybib’. Zulaybib is not actually a name. This is a nickname. In Arabic, the word means ‘small perfection’. This black companion was called by this name because he was much smaller in height.

Many also called him ‘Damim’, which means ugly, distorted, or annoying to look at. In the society in which he lived, no one knew his real name and lineage. Whatever tribe he belonged to was unknown to all. It was a matter of extreme disrespect in the society of that time.

But this black companion is among the most fortunate in the Hereafter. After being martyred in a Jihad, the Prophet (SAW) gave him the glad tidings of Paradise, took him down to the grave with his own hands, and expressed his satisfaction with him, and interceded with Allah.

Thus, a socially disenfranchised black dwarf Companion has been awarded the ultimate level of honor and dignity only because of his love for Allah and His Messenger.

5. Ammar Ibn Yasir

Ammar ibn Yasir’s (R) parents were both slaves. Again his skin color was black. Such people were looked upon with great hatred in those days. But the Prophet loved him very much. The Prophet (SAW) also gave him the good news of martyrdom and Paradise during his lifetime. Despite severe persecution during the Meccan period, none of his family turned away from Islam. Even his mother Sumaiya (R) was the first martyr for Islam. In this way, Allah has honored them even after they are black in color.

6. Abu Jarr

He was one of the disciples who have a great aversion to the world. He worked hard for Islam. Although he was considered a prominent member of the tribe before his conversion to Islam, he gave up everything and chose a life of poverty after accepting Islam. He feared Allah and loved the Prophet very much and the Prophet loved him too. He was exiled to the desert to protest the ruler’s wrongdoing and died there.

7. Belal Habshi

It may be difficult to find a Muslim who does not know Belal (R). He who stood firm on Islam like a mountain in the midst of severe persecution. Despite being a slave of black color, he has been awarded a unique status. The Prophet (SAW) appointed him as Muazzin of Masjid al-Nabawi. Hearing the sound of his feet in Paradise, the Prophet gave him the good news of Paradise. The Prophet even told him that in the difficult situation on the Day of Judgment, he would take the reins of the Prophet’s vehicle and walk first and thus enter Paradise with the Prophet.

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