7 ways to be your kid’s ideal role model

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kid’s ideal role model
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You don’t have to be a perfect parent to raise a happy healthy and disciplined child. It is not at all complicated. We all aim to become our kid’s ideal role model. You have to understand a few things, children need love. They need protection and boundaries. Also, they need someone to look up to for learning. Your only job as a parent is to be that role model and lead by examples. Your only motto should be to become the person whom you want your children to adopt.

For example, if you lecture your kid about the benefits of reading the Holy Quran, yet you don’t read it. Your kid will never care about reading it as you don’t know how to read yourself. Neither you have made an active effort to do so. Children can identify hypocrisy very well.

So you have to remember that you are the biggest role model in everything you do, both consciously and subconsciously. Certainly, it means taking an honest and minute look at how you live your own life. This uncomfortable self-examination is important for the growth of your kid.

So, if you have already examined yourself and ready to be the role model for your precious children, here are 7 ways to help them in building a character and self-respect.

1. Always be at your best to be your kid’s ideal role model

Your children learn what they see. They pay attention to everything you say and do. They copy your actions. Children can be influenced by your single words. So, be aware of it and always be the best version of yourself. Even when you are upset, try to remember that your kid will handle it the same way you will handle. So, the deep breath calming mode is always suitable for you.

2. Take care of yourself to be your kid’s ideal role model

Show your kid what a healthy lifestyle can be. Take good care of yourself. This includes getting proper sleep. Exercising regularly, eating good food. Finding healthy procedures to cope with negative emotions. Don’t exhaust yourself by always putting other people’s need first. Your kid will learn this from you. This won’t be very healthy for his or her future.

3. Responsibility and kid’s ideal role model

You don’t want your kid to be a letdown, so model responsibility and dependability. This means to teach your children to prioritize and keep their promises. Always make your kid and family your primary priority. And if you promise something, try to keep it responsibly.

4. Check in with ownself

Evaluate your behaviour every now and then. It is healthy for your children to see and hear you are doing it. Talk to them about your own shortcomings. Confess if you have done something wrong. Ask them for their opinions. In this way, you can reinforce the idea that there is always room to learn and grow!

5. Practice loyalty

Teach your children what true loyalty is. Teach them that our true loyalty lies in Allah almighty and our Ummah. Show them that helping a friend or brother in need is what Allah expects us to do. By doing this, you can enlighten him about the ways of Allah almighty.

6. Teach healthy scepticism

Give them this idea that it is always important to trust your instinct. Kids are usually trusting and they search for role models. Teach them that not all ‘role models’ are trustworthy. Also, give them the idea to look before they leap.

7. Enforce proper consequences

When your child breaks a rule, you must practice a proper healthy consequence. This is a consistent procedure and your kid will definitely learn from it. Ask them why they broke the rule. Talk to them in a friendly yet firm manner. This way, your kid will learn discipline.

Remember, kids, are a gift from Allah. So whenever you shape up your children’s future by being a good role model, you become closer to the almighty.

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) described the prophet (peace and blessings upon him) as a walking embodiment of the Quran. That’s why the companions revered him. When he was praying for so long that his feet would swell, Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) asked him why he is doing so when his past and future sins have been forgiven, he (peace and blessings upon him) replied, “should I not be a grateful slave?”

So, you don’t need to talk about the improvement. The more successful you are, the more profound is your silence. After they grow up, they will follow your model and become the best persons. You will be satisfied then, as you have done your best.

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