78.6% rise in number of new registered vehicles in Turkey in October

Uncategorized Faizah Kamal 04-Dec-2019

The number of motor vehicle registrations in Turkey jumped 78.6% year-on-year in October. This is according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) on Dec. 4.

“The total number of road motor vehicles registered to the traffic reached 23.15 million by the end of October,” TÜİK said in a statement. A total of 68,069 road motor vehicle registrations were recorded in the October period, it added.

During this period, automobiles accounted for 63.7% of the new registrations, while motorcycles accounted for 17.7%, small trucks, 11%, tractors, 4.6%, and other types, 3%.

TÜİK added 919,501 million road motor vehicles were handed over, and 46,764 of them were withdrawn during the month.