7th Jazan Coffee Beans Festival in Saudi Arabia significantly larger than that of 2019

World Yen Doran 06-Feb-2020
coffee bean
ID 77961476 © Paulgrecaud | Dreamstime.com

The 7th Jazan Coffee Beans Festival concluded on Feb. 4 successfully attracted nearly 200 Saudi farmers and families gathered in Al-Dayer governorate, in the eastern part of the mountainous Jazan region of Saudi Arabia.

This annual event held for 6 days gave farmers the great opportunity to showcase a variety of coffee products to visitors eager to try out various coffee beans, aromas and tastes from the surrounding areas.

The event also included Jazan culture such as folk dances and live performances for the festival visitors.

The visitors were also offered a film in the cinema about the importance of coffee, a line of stalls offering home cooked dishes by women from the area, highlights from a local museum that reveal Jazan’s rich history and numerous boutiques selling local honey, perfumes, garments and jewellery with the latter incorporating the local coffee bean.

Hussain Hadi Al-Malki, an award-winning coffee farmer and owner of Mefraz, a local coffee brand, said that this year’s festival was significantly larger than that of 2019.

The festival featured more than five new coffee brand names, all created by young farmers from Jazan.

Some young farmers utilised modern technology in displaying and promoting their coffee; some used a special type of packing materials to preserve their products and keep their attractive smell for as long as possible.

Mohammad Jibran Al-Maliki, chairman of the tourism committee in Al-Salma said that nearly 100 women participated in the festival, around 70 percent more than in previous years.