A cooler Arabian Peninsula? Did it exist?

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Arabian Peninsula

When people tend to think of the Arabian Peninsula, the harsh hot climate and deserts full of cactus are what come to mind. In fact, it has one of the highest temperatures in the world. It has the second-largest desert and no permanent network of rivers. The Arabian Peninsula’s most famous two largest deserts are, firstly, the Arabian Desert and the latter is the Empty Quarter. That is characterized by its 4-inch rainfalls. Surprisingly, the Islamic religion is full of stories that are filled up with miracles. And among them was the saying of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) when speaking of the last hour. The Prophet mentioned that “The Last Hour will not come… till the land of Arabia once again becomes meadows and rivers.” This shows that the Arabian Peninsula was once filled with networks of rivers and Greenlands, in addition to cooler weather.

What is more interesting is that archeological and geological studies have confirmed such a statement. That was made a long time ago, where technology wasn’t existing to provide any proof.

Ice Age period in Arabian Peninsula

In the aftermath of the recent ice age wave that ended 11,700 years ago, different sites on earth were completely covered by ice. With a temperature ranging from 5¨C to 10¨C. All the continents, whether Europe, Asia, or/and America, were witnessing cold climates with icefalls. However, the Arabian Peninsula at that time was experiencing “pleasant” weather. Similar to Europe in the meantime. If we think about it, there is no way of imagining the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia with cold weather like Paris or London.

The discovery of fossils

Recently, in 2014, fossilized bones of elephants were discovered in a desert in Saudia Arabia called the Nafud Desert. After collecting 60% of these fossils, it was accurate to prove that Saudia Arabia used to have a cool climate. In which elephants were able to settle. Other creatures were added to the list of discoveries in 2017. Such as fossilized seahorses and crocodiles. One interesting creature that seems to resonate in mind was the mammoth’s fossil. It was found in Saudi Arabia by the archeologist Al-Yahya. Regarding rivers and valleys, more than 9,000 rivers and lakes, that date a long time ago, were also discovered. These discoveries denote that the Arabian Peninsula used to have cooler weather that enabled such creatures to live in and lots of rivers and lakes, opposite to what we see now. And most importantly, it all supports the Prophet’s statement with proven evidence.

Oil and gas: an additional proof?

There is no doubt that the Arabian Peninsula is one of the most leading areas for oil and gas formation. But where did it come from in the first place? The answer serves as additional evidence to show that rivers and lakes existed before. First off, the origin of oil goes back to microscopic dead plants that were situated in oceans millions of years ago. The remains of such microorganisms are formed from hydro-carbon substances, which formulate oil and gas later with the aid of heat and pressure. The rivers discovered to serve as one of the basic locations in which they are formulated due to the low level of water circulation in them. Today, Saudi Arabia contains the largest field of oil, mainly in the Arabian desert and the Empty Quarter.

Geographical images of the Arabian Peninsula

Geographical images were caught of the Arabian peninsula by the satellites. These imageries further supported the fact that the peninsula opposite climate and geography than the one existing in the meantime. For instance, in Saudi Arabia back in the 1900s, the imageries caught by the satellite “Landsat” showed river valleys and lakes that were covered up by the desert over time.

After these pieces of evidence given by the field of geology and archeology, the Arabian Peninsula is confirmed to have rivers, a cool climate, and Greenlands compared to today’s situation. Interestingly, the results indicate that the Prophet (PBUH) was right, with no technology or help other than God’s revelations.


(Written by freelancer Yara Lotfy)

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