A Familiar Ride in ‘Stuber’

Senses Shah Shamshiri 10-Aug-2019

After a fleet of horror flicks, superhero smash hits and action agendas from Hollywood, this latest movie was actually a nice change. However, the rather familiar theme portrayed in the film (similar to an older movie of the same concept , read : Taxi) makes the movie slightly predictable.

Merging the elements of comedy and action, Stuber boasts a simple storyline depicting the life of Stu, an American minority who works at a sporting goods department store and makes side income as an Uber driver.

One fine day, Vic a cop who lost his partner to Tedjo, a Mexican drug-dealer comes back from an eye surgery which causes him to ‘lose’ his eyesight for a day as told by his doctor. While instructed to stay home and rest until his eyes regain full vision, he receives a lead about Tedjo and tries his luck at hunting him down.

Unfortunately, due to his failing eyesight, Vic is unable to drive his car and is obliged to hire an Uber driver, which is of course driven by Stu. From then on, a string of misadventures starts kicking in forcing Stu, the innocent Uber driver into a dangerous game of blood and bullets alongside Vic who is simply ‘doing’ his job as a police officer.

Though the movie sees a commendable acting performance by the cast, we can assure you that it is no Oscar nominee. However, the movie provides a good laugh if you are in search of some entertainment to fill up a few hours of your day.

Stuber features familiar faces in the front seat like Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani, and Indonesian martial arts star Iko Uwais. The movie is set for release on August 15th