Abbasid Caliphate: Era of Learning and Knowledge

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Abbasid Caliphate
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Knowledge is power, and Muslims rightly demonstrated it in the Abbasid period, which is also termed as the golden era in history. How are knowledge and learning valued? The answer to this is the golden era of Muslims. They displayed exemplary commitment to knowledge and learning and truly acted upon “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” One can see through the history of how they respected knowledge splendidly.

The House of Wisdom

Government-sponsored Scholars from different parts of the world take a keen interest in knowledge and its advancement. According to historians, the best example is “The House of Wisdom.” House of wisdom is clear evidence of their enthusiasm and craze for discovering and advancement in seeking and learning knowledge. It remained a center of learning and research. Mathematics, astronomy, medicines, geography, map making, poetry, philosophy, and many other fields were the focus of House of wisdom. House of wisdom had libraries, translation rooms, reading rooms, the residence for scientists and scholars, and administrative blocks. It also had research centers.

Respect for Scholars

Not only Muslim scholars were respected, but non-Muslims scholars were also equally respected.  This was a great display of respect for scholars. HaroonurRasheed used to send his people outside the country to bring books, those books used to be valued and translated to Arabic for better understanding. Abu Sahl and Abu Fazal Bin Nu Bakht were the famous translators. In this way, everyone got access to the work of different scholars and learned people.


Apart from the House of wisdom, there were libraries in this golden period. The strange and adorable side is there were not only public libraries but also personal libraries; it shows love and cares for knowledge. For example, Yahya Bin Khalid had his library comprising of different books. Thus Baghdad presented a core center of excellence in admiring and valuing knowledge.

Mustansar Madrassa

An educational institution like Mustansar Madrassa was there; it was built in Baghdad. It provided a universal system of higher education. This madrassa used to teach different subjects like medicine, mathematics, literature, and much more.


This golden era was like the sun emitting rays of light around. This era produced prominent scholars with immense love for knowledge. They took knowledge with love and sincerity, and their commitment to seeking and knowing the truth was exemplary. They changed their state by changing themselves and their attitude towards knowledge, which surprised the world. It is a confirm rule describing the Glorious Quran; Verily, God does not change the nation’s state until they change themselves. 13:11. As a nation, they changed their attitude towards knowledge and are rightly called “the torchbearer of knowledge.”

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