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There was a glorious chapter in the practice of poetry and literature on the Abbasid caliphate. Arab and Persian literature reached its height. In fact, they created new branches of literature. Some famous poets and writers were born in the Abbasid era. The contribution of which spreads the fame of Arabic literature throughout the world.

Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani

The contribution of Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani to Arabic literature is tremendous. His remarkable work was the collection of ancient Arabic lyrics and poetry. The Kitāb al-Aghānī is his best book in this area.

Ibn Khallikan

He believed in Sufism. The compilation of biographies of prominent Arab scholars was his remarkable work. In fact, in his book Wafayāt al-Aʿyān wa-Anbāʾ Abnāʾ az-Zamān, he wrote these biographies.

Abū Nuwās

He is one of the brightest stars of Arabic poetry. He contributed to every branch of poetry. Moreover, the classical poet had also made significant contributions to the collection and preservation of folk literature.

Hamza al-Isfahani

One of the best Arab authors is Hamza Al Ispahani. At the same time in his book Kitab al-Aghani, he provides an informative description of Muslim civilization.

Persian literature was superior to Arabic in that era. Ferdowsi, Omar Khayyam, Nizami, Sa’di, Rumi, and Hafiz are among those Persian poets who made outstanding contributions to literature.


Ferdowsi was also known as Abul-Qâsem Ferdowsi Tusi. Shahnameh is the best creation of this Persian poet. It was also a national epic for Persian-speaking people in Iran and around the world. He wrote this epic for over 30 years. There are about sixty thousand verses in the Shahnameh.

Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam was a philosopher, poet, mathematician, and astronomer. He wrote the immortal sonnet collection ‘Rubaiyat’. His contribution to the development of modern algebra is unforgettable. The poet also worked on Euclidean geometry. Besides, he worked in geography, mechanics, mineralogy, law, and even music. He taught for a while in his last years.

Nizami Ganjavi

He’s known as the Persian romantic poet. This Sunni Muslim poet has expertly mixed imagination and reality in his poems. His romantic poems are still very popular today.

Saadi Shirazi

Saadi is one of the best Persian poets and writers. In his poems, he addressed various social inconsistencies. As well as, his writings also included ideas on morality. Because of the quality of his writing, he became much more popular than other famous authors.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

One renowned mystical poet Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi is an immortal and unique star of all time of Persian and Sufi literature. His immortal poetry is Musnabi Sharif. In fact, the stories in this book were fictional, non-fictional, romantic, spiritual or symbolic, educational, mysterious, metaphorical, and informative. The main subject of his writing was moral and spiritual education.


Hafiz is the greatest Persian lyricist and poet. He produced some spectacular Ghazals. Also developed Sufi and poetic forms of the Persian and Iranian culture throughout his long creative life of 70 years.

During Caliph Harun Aur Rashid’s time in the Abbasid caliphate, Alif Layla wa Layla or One Thousand and One Night was written. However, many Arabic novels have been translated into different European languages. As a result, we can see its presence in European literature. Also, many believe that Gulliver’s travel was written in imitation of the sailor Sinbad in particular.

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