Advice and motivation for childless couples

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childless couples
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Sometimes people can unintentionally say something really insensitive that can hurt us. Unfortunately, couples who do not have children are at risk of receiving such comments. Many sisters as a result start feeling deficient and question Allah’s decree.

Being a childless couple is a test from Allah

In Quran Allah says “Money and children are the joys of this world” but Allah also mentioned in Quran “Know that your money and children are but a test for you”. In that sense, Allah tests some people with poverty and some with wealth, He tests some people by blessing them with children and others without having this blessing. Just because we are having no children does not mean that Allah is unhappy with you. Allah tests us in different ways to know that how we behave in our hard times.

Childless couples are not deficient

A childless woman is in no way “incomplete” or “deficient”. Assiya Bint Muzahim was one of the greatest women and was described by Prophet (PBUH) as perfected in her faith. She was the wife of Pharoah despite being childless Allah has been considered her as an example for all His believer’s men and women. So never let people make you feel useless.

Trust Allah

In Quran when Allah mentions the story of Khidr(as), He mentions a couple who lose their child at a very young age. We are unaware of our future; all we need is to trust Allah because everything that happens to us is for our own good. Sometimes when something bad happens to us we start feeling useless but we never know that it’s only for our betterment. Allah knows better what is good and bad for us and He tests a person according to his strength. Those who are put into trials and who go through hard times are more close to Allah. So when you are in trouble then put your trust in Allah that He will bless you with better after this darkness.

Keep making dua

Keep asking Allah as we are having many examples in the Quran of those who were blessed with children in their old age. Our sincere supplications provide us hope. Ask Allah in your supplications to grant you children so that they can serve the Deen as Zakariyya(PBUH) did. Allah says in Quran,

“Ask me I will give you”

A childless couple may consider adopting

A person whether having a child or not should consider adopting while taking proper Islamic etiquettes into consideration that maintain the identity of the child. One can get closeness to Prophet (PBUH) in hereafter by taking care of an orphan. A child will be mahram for both parents and any other children in the family if you adopt him/her before age of 2 and breastfeed. A childless couple can earn jannah and closeness to the Prophet (PBUH) by taking care of an orphan. The reward for caring for an orphan child is very unique and will make you feel satisfied.

May Allah bless us in this world and hereafter and keep us safe from punishment. May Allah bless childless couples with children Ameen.


(Written by Sadaf Riaz)