Africa to be hit with quarter of a billion covid-19 cases

World Grigory Matyunin 15-May-2020
Fotoğraf: Fusion Medical Animation-Unsplash

The African continent is expected to face a quarter of a billion of coronavirus cases, although the death rate is expected to be less  than that  of Europe and North America due to Africa’s younger population and healthier lifestyle.

Up to 190,000 deaths are expected to result from the virus according to a model published by the World Health Organisation. The transmission rate is expected to be lower than elsewhere in the world, however, the health services are likely to be overstretched.

Approximately 22 percent of 47 countries surveyed will contract the virus during the first year of the pandemic. The virus is likely to continue smouldering on the continent for some time.

The younger population of the continent and lower rates of obesity than in the US and Europe are likely to mitigate the effects of the outbreak.

The UN Economic Commission for Africa provided a more serious impact on the continent with 1.2 billion infections and over three million deaths.

While some have speculated that some cases are evading official figures, however, data analysts have pointed out that South Africa has a very good ability to detect cases but nonetheless has a low death toll.