Al-Hadi: Allah alone is the source of all guidance

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The word Al-Hadi means the guide, the helper. This is one of the greatest names of Allah. Al-Hadi is the one who guides and helps the servant towards all good and keeps him away from all harmful things. Also, teach them what they do not know. He gives His servants Taqwa and guides their hearts to incline towards Him and to obey His commands.

Allah alone, Al-Hadi is the owner of guidance

It is the will of Allah to show man the straight path and to guide him by changing his heart. People can’t give guidance to anyone even if they want to. Therefore, it is necessary to believe that the ‘Tawfiq’ (grace) of doing good deeds or showing the right path is the work of Allah alone, no one else can do it. In the Qur’an, Allah says to His Beloved Prophet, “You cannot give guidance to whomever you will. Rather, Allah guides whom He wills.”(28:56).

The context of this verse is that before the death of Abu Taleb, the uncle of the Prophet, the Prophet (SAW) was repeatedly urging him to recite ‘La Ilaha Illallah’. But his uncle was not uttering it. Then Allah revealed this verse and said that you cannot give guidance to your uncle if you want. Because Allah guides whom He wills.

Whom does Allah guide?

“Basically, Allah guides only those who are interested in accepting the truth in their hearts. And Allah guides whom He wills to a straight path. ” (Qur’an 12:25)

In the first part of this verse, it is said that Allah calls people to the path of peace. To come on the path of peace means to come on the path of guidance. But no one is guided by his own power, strength, and money. Guidance is a special gift of Allah. Allah makes it easy for those who seek guidance to follow it. The message of Allah’s guidance reaches the people through the Prophets. Prophets call people to guidance, and Allah guides people.

Imam Ragheb Ispahani (Rah.) had given a very nice explanation of the word ‘Hidayah’ (guidance) in his book ‘Mufradat Al-Quran’. According to his commentary, Hidayah is ‘to guide someone to the destination with grace.’ Therefore, ‘Hidayah’ is in the true sense the work of Allah alone.

Al-Hadi and three levels of guidance

However, it is true that there are different levels of guidance. One level of guidance is general and comprehensive. The whole universe is included in it. That is, every object in its own sphere has an intellect. This is also a kind of guidance; Although everyone has different intelligence and feelings. Objects in which it exists in very small quantities are said to be lifeless or insensitive. Due to this difference in feeling, it has been made obligatory for the only human and jinn nation in the entire creation to follow the provisions of the Shariah. Because in these two creations, intellect and feeling have been given in full. Therefore, it cannot be said that there is no existence of intellect and feeling in anything other than the human and jinn races.

The second level of guidance involves those who are conscientious and intelligent. That is human and jinn. This guidance has reached the people through the Prophets and the heavenly books. Some have become believers by accepting guidance, while others have become disbelievers and cursed by rejecting it.

The third level of guidance is even more specific. It is only for the believers and the pious. This guidance is given to people by Allah without any means. Its name is ‘Tawfiq’ (grace). That is to say, to create such a situation, environment, and attitude, which makes it easy for people to follow the religious instructions.


In the light of the above-mentioned interpretation of guidance, the suspicion has been resolved that it has been said in various places in the Qur’an, “Allah does not give guidance to the unjust and the wicked.” Elsewhere, Allah said, “He gives guidance to everyone.” The answer is that there are different levels of guidance. In a broad sense, everything in the world is guided, and in a special sense, the oppressors and sinners are not guided.

The first and third of the three levels of guidance are directly related to Allah. The work of the prophets and messengers is limited to the second level of guidance. Wherever the Quran mentions prophets and messengers as guides, it is on the basis of the second level of guidance.

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