Alauddin Khalji: Hero Against Mongol Invasions

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Alauddin Khalji
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Muslim rulers ruled India with great pride for centuries. Alauddin Khalji was one of the best rulers.

He was a fearless warrior from an early age. His ability to use a sword and horse together was extraordinary. Khalji was an active administrator, an intelligent general, and a brave warrior.

He was able to rule nearly all of Hindustan. Earlier, Mauryan Emperor Ashoka was the only one who could do that.

During his rule, he conquered one region after another. The title of Sikander Sunny was given to him. He had also been called by many as Alexander II.

Jalaluddin Malik Firoz Khilji, the first Sultan of the Khilji dynasty in Delhi. He appointed Alauddin Khalji as ‘Amir Tuzuk.’ As soon as he got the responsibility, Alauddin Khalji started showing his potential. He succeeded in controlling a family coup in 1291. The Sultan gave him the title ‘Alauddin’ for this success. As a reward, he was given the responsibility of the governor of the Kara region.

Alauddin Khalji was only thirty years old when he ascended the throne of Delhi in 1296. He occupied the Indus in the first year. Ghazan Mahmud was the ruler and founder of the Kingdom of Ilkhani. In 1299 Alauddin Khalji captured Punjab and in 1301 Ranthambore, while in 1303, he captured Chittor.

In India at the time, the Rajputs were incredibly successful. Nahan, Sirmur, Jammu, and Devagiri were captured by Alauddin Khalji. The kings of Rajput were very scared of the news.

They implemented different tactics to stop Khalji Alauddin. However, it did not work. King of Malabar tried his best to stop Alauddin Khalji but was defeated in the end. Alauddin Khalji then hoisted his flag in areas of Chanderi and Dhara.

Alauddin Khalji successfully defeated two then powerful kings in the next two years. He extended the boundaries of the kingdom further by beating Raja Roy Karan and Raja Roy Ramchandra. However, for personal gratification, Alauddin Khalji returned his kingdom to Raja Raichandra. Khalji also entrusted him with the responsibility of managing Gujarat State.

In just two years, he has got advantages. With the aid of Raja Roy Ramchandra, Alauddin Khalji captured Barangal in 1309.

For his empire, this triumph was a significant achievement. During this expedition, Alauddin Khalji received the famous Kohinoor diamond from Pratap Rudradeva, the king of the Kakatiya dynasty.

One of Alauddin Khalji’s great achievements was to protect his empire from the invasion of the Mongols. The Mongols invaded Hindustan at least 17 times during his reign. But Alauddin Khalji defeated them every time. The Mongols had to pay the ultimate price, too. According to historians, more than three lakh Mongolian soldiers were killed in these 17 wars. The Mongols did not dare to invade Hindustan after 1308.

Alauddin Khalji died on the night of 4 January 1318. Whether he has been murdered or died, a mystery is still unsolved. During his reign, he carried out the work of revenue, markets, military, and social reform. Many considered his immortal achievements.

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