Ali Huda: Exclusive app for your kids!

Education Tamalika Basu
Ali Huda
Photo Courtesy: Ali Huda

Ali Huda is just the solution for many of our children who are just stuck at home and are more dependent on the internet. The Internet has become an important part of our children’s life. But the use of the internet is a sensitive issue.

Being Muslim parents, it is very difficult for us to deal with the topic of internet usage. Although, the Internet is full of educational YouTube websites, documentaries, amazing learning websites, Islamic websites, and also a source of communication with friends and family. Therefore we need to guide our children about the proper and harmless application of the internet. 

How to build a safe internet environment?

Are you a Muslim parent who’s worried your young children will watch inappropriate videos when they browse the internet on your phone or tablet?  Moreover, are you concerned that your children think learning about Islam is not so fun and boring? Do you wish for a platform that can act as “NETFLIX” for Muslim kids? Fret not, dear parents, Ali Huda is the ‘Netflix for Muslim kids.’

It is here to help you with your kid’s upbringing! Ali Huda is a halal education and entertainment channel for Muslim kids on which you can trust your kid’s education. Moreover, it provides wholesome entertainment for the family who wants to teach their kids the true essence of Islamic values. The platform has two animated kids named Ali and Huda, and with their friends, they will actually help your kids to understand the purity and importance of our great religion and beloved prophet. 

What does Ali Huda provide?

With this Video On Demand Streaming Service, your children will be entertained happily in a halal and safe online environment that nurtures their souls with a love for our deen. Your kids will have fun with a lot of things broadcasted on this online platform.

Ali Huda has Islamic songs and Nasheeds to help children learn about and love Allah SWT and the beloved Prophet SAW. Islamic TV Channels with beautiful animations to learn the lessons and hear the stories of the Quran, salah, prayer, dua, Ramadan, zakat, Hajj, Umrah, and more. Quran & Arabic show to help children with Quran memorization.

Science & Craft series for exciting and entertaining education. Along with interactive quizzes, challenges, and other interactive and interesting activities. Trust me, it is far far better than watching TV passively. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe, Sign-In and start watching! And guess what? You can get a whole 50% discount if you subscribe through Salamweb. 

Ali Huda aims to create a better future for Muslim children and ummah, so be a part of it.

Enjoy Ali Huda! Exclusive for your kids.