Alif Satar, Daddy Cool

Celebrity dads gushing over their kids and how much they love their family is extremely heartwarming. Perhaps it’s the humbling effect of knowing that beyond the fame and spotlight, they too have to deal with diaper changes, sleepless nights and demands like the rest of us do.

In honour of Father’s Day, SalamToday proudly welcomes the first male celebrity as the Face of Salam this week.  A Malaysian singer, actor and television host best known as Alif Satar, he is also a doting father.

At 29 with two beautiful daughters and another baby on the way, Alif proved fatherhood needn’t mean a slide into physical disrepair. He remains his youthful and trendy self. This and his affable personality is pretty much the reason he remains as a celebrity crush to many, at least on the Malaysian shores.

“Just because I’m a father now, that doesn’t mean I can let go and not take care of myself. I still need to be in shape,” he said with a smile.



A cursory scroll through his Instagram will feed you harmless selfies and pictures with his wife and kids. Truly, it’s heart-melting to watch Alif become the man that he is now.

Rewind 14 years ago, he was just a 16-year-old high school student who captured the hearts of Malaysians through his melodious voice, as a contestant in a reality singing competition called ‘One In A Million’.

Though he bagged the third place in the competition, he has transcended to superstar status and is known as one of the most multi-talented celebrities in Malaysia.

You could say his journey in fatherhood and rise to the upper echelon of Malaysia’s entertainment industry go hand in hand.

Alif was 25 when he embarked on his journey in fatherhood – a year after he tied the knot with the love of his life, Shadila Hadid.

He has no qualms about expressing his emotions for his wife and kids. This certainly wins him a big tick in the awesome-dad stakes.

While some would be terrified by the thought of becoming a husband and father by 25, it all felt very natural for Alif.

“I’ve always been family-oriented because of my strong bond with my family,” he said.

Alif is the eldest out of four and is the only son in the family. He said he grew up in a household with loving parents and is very close to his sisters.

“My parents are very loving. They still hold hands when they go out and wear matching outfits,” he said.

“When it came to having a family of my own, it didn’t feel odd or strange because I’ve always thought of myself as a family man.

“Though I never imagined being expecting my third child at the age of 29, I’m so happy. My family is my life,” he said.




There isn’t anything Alif would’ve done differently with his life – like wait a few years before starting a family.  Everything happens for a reason and we are all where Allah SWT wants us to be.

While the spotlight on some celebrities gradually fade after they settle into married life, it’s quite the opposite for Alif.

His presence in the entertainment industry was much more solidified after tying the knot with job offers pouring in one after another.

Things would’ve been a little different had he experience the peak of success before becoming a married man, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Who knows what I’d be up to had I experience all the fame and fortune earlier on as a young, single man?” joked Alif.

“Everything happens for a reason. But that’s alright. I love my wife and kids and I love spending time with them.

“The income that I earn – my pleasure is giving it all to them.”



The foundation of a strong family bond is attributed to a strong relationship between the husband and wife.

Alif is very thankful to have an understanding wife who allows him to continue his passion in the entertainment industry.

“Without her support, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now, so I’m very thankful for that,” she said.

“It’s quite funny how she has become some sort of celebrity as well. Take a look at her Instagram profile and you’ll see that she has over 180,000 followers!”



Like all successful individuals, Alif is an early riser. He starts off his days at 5.30 am to pray tahajjud prayers before Subuh, then followed by a run before sunrise. After running, he takes his breakfast, spends time with his kids and wife before heading out for work.

“That’s what my days pretty much look like. Timeliness is very important for me so I try to stay as organised as I can and plan days.

“We all have 24 hours in a day, it’s how we make the most out it,” added Alif.

“Since I am up by 5.30 am, I’m usually tired by midday, but I use the time to rest and recharge during prayers,” he said.

Perhaps his self-discipline and organising skills are what paved his way to success. He wasn’t kidding about timeliness, as he arrived for this interview at 11.30 am, just as he promised.



His full name is Muhammad Alif Mohd Satar. Alif initially joined the One In A Million competition to vie for the grand prize of RM1 million, so he could fund his way to pilot school. But since that didn’t work out, he pursued his talent in music, which led to three albums as of 2013, titled Nakal (2009), Lelaki Seperti Aku (2011) and Definisi (2013). Things worked out for the better as he earned his first million paycheck through the song Jangan Nakal when he was 19.

In 2014 he was actually featured in Ricky Martin’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Song which also featured singer Judika from Indonesia and Sezairi Sezali from Singapore. Alif also began acting in 2008 when he landed a role for a television show called Dendam (Revenge). From then, he landed bigger roles for various other television drama series in Malaysia. He married his wife, who is 6 years older than him in 2014. They now have two daughters, Alisha Anugerah, 4 and Ariana Mecca, 2.




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