Amira Othman, The Millennial Dream

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Six years ago, Amira Othman auditioned for a Malaysian singing reality competition called Akademi Fantasia. She went with no air of high hopes that she’ll get through. Fortunately as fate would have it; she did.

But it just so happened that she was on the verge of completing just one more semester of Diploma in Music at a local university. Not about to miss the golden opportunity to be in the reality show that has launched some of Malaysia’s brightest stars – she begged to defer her last semester and assured the university she would return to complete her studies once the show was over.

For about 10 weeks, Amira kept her nose to grindstone, vying for the winning title. Ultimately, she walked away in third place. As promised, she went back to being a student and got her Diploma scroll before embarking on a music career professionally.



Amira was just like any other millennial with big dreams and plans. Not letting anything stop her from seeing her dreams come to fruition, she went on to release a single called ‘Sesaat Untukku’ (A Moment For Me).

But it was her second single ‘Hati-hati’ (Be Careful) in 2015 that put her on a pedestal. A few other singles were released the following years like Biar Masa, Jaga-jaga, and Sambil which is a duet she did with her younger brother Irfan Haris.

Admittedly for Amira, transitioning from a reality show star to a singer had its challenges. For one, people tend to make comparisons with her reality show peers who have achieved higher success than her.

“It’s hard not to ignore those comments, but that’s the reality of it. But I don’t mind because Allah blesses us in different ways.

“I’m so happy to see my fellow friends from the show become who they are today. I’m really proud of them” she said with a smile.



Although singing is Amira’s first love, she tried her hand at acting and hosting too. In 2016, she landed a leading role for a television series called ‘Abang Bomba I Love You’ (I Love You, Mr.Fireman). Her role as Lily made such a lasting impression on her fans that until today, fans still identify her with her character on the show.

In 2017, she was the host of a morning show for a local TV station that discussed current events and happenings.

Fans have been wanting to see Amira in action again, but she said that she is currently looking to find a suitable song to turn into her next single.

“I love acting but because it’s such a big commitment that requires long periods of filming. Due to that, I don’t have much time to focus on my singing career.

“I am currently on the lookout for my next single. It’s incredibly hard to choose a song that fits seamlessly with my personality and the direction of my music.

“I admit I am very picky when it comes to choosing the right songs. It’s really stressful but I need to ensure that it’s perfect,” he said.



As a millennial trying to achieve big things in an industry where competition is stiff, Amira admits it can get overwhelming sometimes.

“In this digital era, the challenge now is geared towards social media. I had a similar conversation about this with a few seniors in the industry and they said that they too must bear the brunt of this highly competitive culture, thanks to social media.

“Back then, singers can easily get their songs played on the radio by physically sending their songs to the radio station.

“Now, things are easily accessible via social media. The competition is too strong because there is always someone new coming out with something different.

“It just goes to show that we have a lot of young talented individuals out there who are all striving to make it big,” she said.



The love life of a celebrity often becomes a topic of interest among fans and it’s no different for Amira. The artiste who will turn 26 this October hinted sheepishly that ‘it’s complicated’ when it comes to matters of her love life.

When we asked her what she looks for in a man, her answer was: “He needs to be a man of patience, he needs to be matured and be supportive of what I do.

“It’s important for my partner to have patience because I can get carried away with my emotions and be extremely jealous at times.

“I need to find someone who can tolerate this psychotic behavior of mine, haha!” she joked.

Jokes aside, Amira said that when she does find the right person, she would be glad to introduce him to her parents.

“I’m close to my parents and share pretty much everything with them including my love life. I don’t hide anything from them,” she said.



Amira has her eyes firmly set on the future, and she looks into it with great hope and confidence. This is her optimal path and what she truly wants. Despite the challenges, she knows she’s surrounded by loved ones, her 1 million followers on Instagram and a group of friends who will support her to the end.


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