Amy Mastura, Queen of Hearts

Like a well-timed ‘Mean Girls‘ reference, we think Amy Mastura isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. She lets her kids sleep in if it’s not a school day and doesn’t think McDonalds’s or gadgets should be completely prohibited.

It’s trivial, but it certainly doesn’t abide by the rules of the Asian parenting style where growing up is usually all about textbooks and bringing home straight A’s.

“Everything needs to be done in moderation. The reason I am how I am with my girls is because I don’t want them to hide things from me. I don’t give them a reason to be secretive.

“However, when a situation needs me to put on my ‘bad cop’ hat and be stern with them, I do it, “she said.

“But I do sometimes wonder if I’m doing it (parenting) all wrong,” said Amy with a chuckle.

The key to establishing a good relationship with your kids, according to Amy, is to communicate with them.

“As parents, it’s hard to let them go and explore the world. But it’s very important to explain to them your feelings and where you stand.

“For example, the first time my daughter wanted to go for an outing I had mixed feelings about it, so I followed her.

“It’s not that I wanted to control her whereabouts, but I needed her to understand that while it’s her first outing with her friends, it was my first time too letting her be out and about on her own.

“After I explained that to her, she was cool with me hanging around the same area that she was in. Sometimes, all it needs is honesty in expressing your feelings so that things are transparent.

“At times we can learn from our children too. I often ask them for their opinion and encourage them to express themselves,” she said.




She may be a queen in her daughter’s hearts, but she’s also one in the eyes of Malaysians too. The name Amy Mastura needs no introduction in the Malaysian showbiz.

An iconic singer, actress, television presenter, Amy’s prime years in the entertainment world began in the 90s.

Amy embarked on her music career after winning the third Grand Championship of Asia Bagus in 1993, a talent-search programme by Fuji Television to promote up-and-coming performing artistes in Asia. At the time, she was still working as a stewardess for Malaysia Airlines, but left the company to focus on her music career.

After winning the title, Amy released her self-titled album in 1994, with hit tunes like ‘Meniti Hari‘ and ‘Jawapan Kasih.’ Her soaring popularity earned her the Popular Female Singer award at the Anugerah Bintang Popular BH, an award show held annually in Malaysia. To date, she has recorded seven albums. She could proudly say a collaboration with American singer and songwriter Tommy Page happened, as they teamed up for a song called ‘The Best Part.’

Shifting gears from singing to acting, fans got to see her showcase her acting skills via the first movie she starred in, titled ‘Kuala Lumpur Universiti,’ released in 1999.

A string of other movies followed suit but it wasn’t until ‘Puteri Impian‘ that left a lasting impression on her fans.

This movie, which follows the adventures of a young woman who wins the chance to be a princess for ten days was actually a tribute to Princess Diana, who passed away not long before the film was released.

Her role as Puteri Nora Mat Jidin eventually earned Amy the Most Popular Film Actress in Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian in 1999.

Coming to the end of the 90s and into the early 2000s, Amy was at the peak of her career. She was noticed by giant beauty brands like Japanese cosmetics brand Kose, which made her the first Malay woman to become a spokesperson for the brand.

Other notable brands that she worked with were Shiseido, Omega, Adidas, and Lux just to name a few.

“I remember owning boxes and boxes of Adidas shoes at home at the time. When I told my daughters I was a spokesperson for Adidas they could hardly believe it! More importantly, they wanted to know where I put all those shoes….”

With all that success, one would think it comes with being hounded with unnecessary drama and controversies but Amy has always been one of the few Malaysian celebrities who was and still is free from gossip.

On July 1 2000, she married her longtime boyfriend, Alvin Tham Suffian.




Having worked really hard in her younger days, Amy now 48 is taking things easy with her career. While focusing on her husband and kids is the priority, she doesn’t want to cut ties with the entertainment industry completely.

“Every now and then I would guest star in a show or television drama, but it’s nothing too heavy like how it used to be back then.

“My passion towards acting and singing will always be there, but I also love being a stay at home mom and taking care of the kids.

“I get the best of both worlds,” she said with a smile.



One of the reasons she is adored by many other than her talent is her age-defying looks. Amy  joins the ranks of A-list Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell, John Legend who all don’t seem to age.

How does Amy keep her ageing process at bay, you might ask? There really is no secret formula.

“I don’t have a special skincare regimen, nor do I practice an extremely healthy lifestyle. I eat healthy and exercise whenever I can,” she said.

Either that or she’s secretly a vampire, there’s really no other explanation for it.



Ever since Amy built her career as a singer in 1994, her fan club was established. But what’s interesting is  that the original members of the fan club are still in it until today.

“To know that I have fans that have stayed loyal with me throughout these years, I feel really blessed.

“The members of the fan club now have kids of their own so when we get together it’s like a big family reunion!” laughed Amy.

Looks like Amy will remain the queen in many hearts, for a long time.



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