Annabelle Invites Viewers to Come Home

Senses Shah Shamshiri 01-Jul-2019

Probably one of the most popular dolls on the big screen right now, Annabelle has clearly become a household name of terror thanks to her debut many years ago through the well-known horror film, The Conjuring.

After a few movies dedicated purely to her name, the dreaded Annabelle returns with a scary sequel.

This time in Annabelle Comes Home, the movie depicts how the Annabelle doll causes terror in the home of Ed and Judy Warren, the renowned exorcist husband and wife-duo known to be professionals in dealing with supernatural occurrences and hauntings.

The movie begins with the Warrens taking the Annabelle doll away from the tenants of an apartment who claimed that the doll has been haunting their lives despite having getting rid of the eerie toy.

Being a conduit of evil, the doll seems to attract any kind of malicious spirit found lingering nearby. This led The Warrens to contain the doll in a special glass casing blessed by a priest.

However, while going away to solve a case, The Warrens leave their daughter Judy in the care of their babysitter, who later invites a friend over and unknowingly releases the doll from her holy cage.

This evokes a world of evil forces which start to terrorize the home of The Warrens.


Like all the movies under the league of The Conjuring series, Annabelle Comes Home serves the necessary amount of ‘jump-scares’ complete with the right sound and visual effects. Playing a more subtle way of scaring audiences, the film doesn’t bombard viewers with constant images of one particular ‘evil spirit’ but instead brings in a few to keep you glued to your seats!

Annabelle Comes Home is currently playing in all cinemas worldwide!