Are you focused on what you have or on what you lack?

Mental Wellbeing Contributor
Focused loneliness
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It can be very difficult sometimes in life to push ourselves to focus on what we have rather than what we lack. We may end up spending too much time thinking about the things that we feel negative about. Also we can become absorbed by our stresses and worries to the point that we feel like we cannot go on with our lives whilst being at peace. We should try to understand the significance of focusing on what we do have rather than what is missing in order for us not to become consumed by negativity and lose the chance to put our all into this life we have been gifted.

When we focus on what we think is missing in our lives, we begin to lose sight of the countless blessings our Lord has granted us. We lose the level of gratitude we should have about the good things in our life. We read in the Holy Qur’an:

“If you are grateful, He is pleased with you.” (Qur’an 39:7)

The feeling that something is missing in our lives, and to always be in a state of wanting, is not something healthy for ourselves as believers. We end up in an endless cycle of seeking new things. We develop new ambitions and pursue them in a way that causes us to completely disregard what we do have.

Often unknowingly, we start spending a decreasing amount of time doing zhikr to praise Allah and show that we are grateful. We forget the importance zhikr and gratitude and sometimes even years go by before we realise that the cycle will actually never end.

We have to understand that the reason the cycle will never end is that it is not supposed to end. The cycle of us seeking new things, and to always be in the state if wanting something new, is never going to give us the peace and contentment that we ultimately seek in this life.

It is incredibly crucial to remember that we were not supposed to find perfection in this world.

Therefore, whether we seek it in a new job, in new friends, or in a new country, the truth is that we will not find the perfection we seek. Allah did not create this life and world in order for us to find perfection here.

Perfection exists only in Jannah, and we must try to remind ourselves of this belief of ours. It can be hard to always be mindful of this, but the struggle we go through and the efforts we put in to remember our beliefs is something that our Lord rewards us for.

Regardless of how little we think we have, we should try to change our mindsets to help us understand how blessed we really are to have all that we do have.

This will help us to feel happier in life and avoid thinking about what we think is missing in our lives. In fact, constantly thinking about what we do not have will lead us to compare our lives to others, which is something that will never lead to positivity. The more we focus on what Allah has blessed us with and the more we remind ourselves that we are not supposed to seek perfection in this life, the more at peace we will feel.