Are You Up For The 30 Day Ramadan Hijab Challenge?

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With Islamophobia still prevalent, founders of the World Hijab Day movement is calling upon women of all faiths and backgrounds to participate in the 30-Day Ramadan Hijab challenge.

The challenge is held in solidarity with Muslim women around the world who face discrimination for wearing the hijab.

Basically, the challenge requires women to start donning the headscarf on the first day of Ramadan 2019 until the last day (May 5- June4).

The open invitation to both Muslims and non-Muslims is to encourage everyone to take part in the event to fight Islamophobia.

Whoever takes up the challenge can share their experience on Instagram with the hashtag #Hijab30 or by sending a direct message to @worldhijabday Instagram page.

Many are already pumped up for the challenge, including popular Malaysian personality Mizz Nina, who is a former singer turned host.

She excitedly shared about the movement through her Instagram page, and received great response from her followers who are keen to partake the challenge as well.

Movements such as this could further help to break stereotypes and clear misconceptions about the hijab.

The World Hijab Day website gave a few good examples as to why we women should partake in the challenge.

One of the interesting points was that it could help to open-up dialogue for both Muslims and non-Muslims. It gives non-Muslims to walk in someone else’s shoes for more than just a day.

Another point highlighted is that the challenge encourages Muslim women to try the hijab for a set of period of time, to see if they are ready to pursue that path.

Also, this Ramadan challenge provides an opportunity for people to join in for personal reasons regardless of religion. Joining the challenge could lead to the start of something new and beautiful.

May we have a blessed Ramadan this year! Are YOU up for the challenge?

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