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Ayu by Tarik Jeans Debuts Its Full Womenswear Collection

Style 30 Aug 2019

Malaysian fashion brands have come a long way in the local fashion industry, it has finally planted a strong footing despite the fierce competition from major international fashion retailers such as H&M, Zara and Topshop for example.

Denim for one is a category that’s hard to stand out for it lies in a commoditized industry where thousands of brands compete with similar products. How does one distinguish itself from others?

For popular Malaysian denim brand Tarik Jeans, the brand is as Malaysian as it gets. Taken from the brand’s website: “Most local streetwear brands do not pay attention to the quality, choice of material and the emotional pull of their brand. Tarik saw an opportunity to fill that gap. A brand that could give quality and progressive designs while staying true to the local culture. It is patriotism at its best.”

At the recent Kuala Lumpur, Fashion Week 2019 which took place at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall the brand staged its first full womenswear runway show.

Ayu by Tarik is the brand’s female sidekick. “Ayu by Tarik is a love letter to all the ladies out there who’ve always been a fan of Tarik Jeans. As a solo debut, this collection is filled with all kinds of emotion. It’s romantic, melancholy, aggressive with the inevitable nosebleed of rock n roll.”

The name of the collection is ‘Salvaged’, which signifies preservation.

“If you look it up, the word ultimately means ‘to save goods from damage or destruction’ which is what we are doing here with sustainability being a big idea. This is responsible fashion at its best and Ayu by Tarik is honored to be selected by KLFW and the United Nations Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL) to headline this segment,” said Mimi Lee, Head of Womenswear at Tarik Jeans who’s also the brains behind for Ayu by Tarik.

Check out the looks from the collection below:



Check out Tarik Jeans via Instagram – @tarikjeans