Basic tips to grow a sunflower garden

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Sunflowers are beautiful! Be it, kids or adults, everyone cannot but stop to admire the beauty of these vibrant yellow flowers in any garden. Sunflower is really attractive, bright, and what more? Bees and butterflies absolutely love them!

If it is a peaceful calm day, you can hear the bees buzzing around them. And Alhumdulillah, that sound is so comforting! Sunflowers are also easy to grow! If you have a gardening space outside or on your roof, it will bloom quickly. However, they also do fine in big deep flower pots.

In this article, I will provide an easy guideline to help you grow sunflowers and care for them. They are usually low-maintenance plants, so you will have a good time if you are a first-time gardener.

Sun is essential for growing Sunflower plants:

Choose a sunny spot in your garden patch. Or if you planning to grow in a pot, move it to a sunny corner of your house. It is apparent from the name that this plant needs a lot of sunlight. They actually require 6 to 9 hours of direct sunlight daily. This way, they would grow to their full potential.

Soil mixing is essential:

Sunflowers require soil that drains well. They also need a good amount of fertilizers. You may mix store-bought fertilizer with the soil. You may also use homemade fertilizer. For that, you need eggshells, banana peels, and used coffee or tea.

How to sow seeds?

It is best to sow sunflowers directly into the garden or outdoor pots after the winter. But, avoid extreme hot summer days. Seeds should be planted 2 inches deep, and about 5 inches apart. Keep the soil moist, not soggy wet. Keep them in good observance.

Germination of Sunflower:

It usually takes 7 to 10 days in germination. Some people recommend soaking the Sunflower seeds for one day as it softens the outer shell of the seeds which results in faster germination.

How to take care of your sunflower plants?

Insha Allah, after the emergence of your sunflower seedlings, you are required to water them when the top becomes dry. In the summer, that might be twice or thrice a day. Therefore, check the soil once a day. Do not let the soil dry out, as the plant will die if it suffers a dry spell.

Decorate your home with Sunflowers once they bloom. They brighten up rooms with their cheerful yellow hue. Cut the flowers when they have just started to open up. Cut the stem about 10 inches long at an angle of 45 degrees. Keep them in tepid water.

Cut sunflowers can last for 7 days, hence it will continue to provide a warm glow to your rooms. Whereas the sunflowers in the garden will make your life blissful.

Enjoy Ali Huda! Exclusive for your kids.