Be humble and open-minded in life

Psychology Contributor
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When we live a life in which we are humble and open-minded, it brings about many benefits for us. Even though both of these qualities seem to be things we should strive towards and are just generally good traits to have, they actually do help us to improve our lives.

When we think deeply, we realise that the characteristics of being open-minded and humble are intertwined. Being humble makes us realise that we do not actually have a reason to consider ourselves as better than any another person. Keeping an open mind is linked to this as when we have an open mind, we not only realise the reality of our lives and that we are not perfect, but we also see that we have a lot that we can learn from those around us.

We realise that even if we come across a person who seems to have faults, we can also learn something from them.

This is because, in the same way we ourselves are not perfect, neither is anyone else. Understanding that we all have mistakes that we have a duty to repent for, we also all have good deeds and positive things that people can learn from us and we can learn from them. This is a beneficial mindset to have as we create an avenue for us to learn as much as we can from every experience and every person around us.

When we are open-minded, we realise that everyone has their own opinion and we understand that this is because Allah created us all as different with different minds. We begin to have a more positive outlook in life than if we were not open-minded, as we become more accepting of other people’s mindsets.

In striving to be humble on this journey of life, we not only establish a positive characteristic, but we also save ourselves from other stresses.

We become less concerned about the kind of possessions we own, the amount of wealth we have, and having a high status and reputation in society.

Through developing a humble mentality, we save ourselves from falling into the trap of materialism.

In today’s world where materialism is prevalent, it is very easy to follow what we see around us and think that what we own and our belongings is the most important thing in this life. When we reflect on this we realise that sometimes. Having a lot of wealth or owning expensive things is not actually a positive thing. This is because it could actually push us to focus more on this temporary life instead of on the purpose that we were actually put on this earth by Allah.

Having humility is something which is recommended for us to have in Islam. And it is a great quality to strive to establish within ourselves. It reminds us of our own faults, so we do not focus on criticising or judging others. We remember that we ourselves have faults that we must repent for, and that it is our duty to seek forgiveness from Allah. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

“Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant…” (Qur’an 2:222)