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We often become so consumed by our aims and aspirations in this world, that we can begin to feel as though nothing will ever suffice. Once we achieve an ambition of ours, we move onto the next one on our list, constantly adding new ones. We may find that the list never ends and becomes our only focus and purpose.

The issue with this is that if the list never ends, our feeling of emptiness in pursuit of new things to acquire also will not. We look at what we have and compare it to what we see around us and what others have. It becomes an endless cycle. This is what we face when we become attached to worldly things.

We should remind ourselves that this world was not made by Allah to be everlasting. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“The life of this world compared to the hereafter is as if one of you were to put his finger in the ocean and take it out again then compare the water that remains on his finger to the water that remains in the ocean.” (Sahih Muslim)

Instead of comparing ourselves to those who we perceive to be above us in the matters of this worldly life, we should be inspired by those who are less fortunate than us in this world. This will teach us gratitude for all that our Creator has blessed us with, as well as remind us that there are many people in this world who have experienced more hardship and loss than us.

It will remind us about the importance of giving charity and helping those in need, rather than becoming obsessed with materialism and comparing our lives to those who we perceive as having more than us. We read in the Qur’an:

“If you are grateful, He is pleased with you” (Qur’an 39:7)

We should focus on aspiring to be like those who are more steadfast than us on the Deen, so that we may be reminded of what our purpose in this life really is. This will inspire us to improve as Muslims and help prevent our hearts from attaching themselves too much to worldly possessions.

These worldly attachments might not be defined by wealth only. We might be too attached to our friendships, our families, our careers, and so on. These things are not what we should ultimately live for. Our focus should be on pleasing our Lord and this should be at heart of everything we do.

Of course, every human has shortcomings. We were not created by Allah as angels and neither were those who are more knowledgeable about the Deen than us.

However, we should still be inspired by those who read the Qur’an more often than us, or those who prioritise doing the optional fasts more than we do. Being motivated by others in this way will make us feel more content in life, as our ultimate aim is to please our Lord. We rely on Him and place our complete trust in Him. We remind ourselves that Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” (Qur’an 51:56)

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