Beam Expands E-Scooter Sharing Service in Kuala Lumpur

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 31-May-2019

The idea of getting around in a congested city via car isn’t super practical unless you don’t mind the long traffic jams. Walking, on the other hand, isn’t really an option either when you’re in a rush, especially in countries like Malaysia where it’s summer all year long.

With the rapid rise of shared mobility, either through ride-hailing or car-sharing, this has paved the way for the new way of getting around; e-scooters, like the ones from Beam.

Beam is a Singapore-based startup which aims to bring innovation to the personal mobility sharing space. The company has partnered with Segway Ninebot to bring the most efficient, safe and advanced ride for pedestrians.

Beam’s corporate affairs vice president Christopher Hilton says that the e-scooter is now available at various designated parking areas in Kuala Lumpur.

“Users just need to download the Beam app to locate the e-scooters, unlock it and then ride it,” before adding that payments are all made online.

In Malaysia, the ride starts at RM2.50 and cost an additional 30 cents for each extra minute.

With the pitfalls of bike-sharing startups like oBike, Christopher said Beam is determined to avoid vandalism or abuse by users.

The vehicles are tracked using the rider’s smartphone and an IoT (Internet of Things) device on the scooter, said, Christopher.

Also, the real-time monitoring geofence (control dashboard) installed allows the operations team to add and remove operating geofences within a city. An operating geofence is a virtual border that enables the operation of the vehicles within set boundaries.

Beam is able to define multiple operating geofences and add locations identified by the municipal council where they can change operating conditions of the e-scooters to fit the needs of the community.

The geofence enables detection of breaches with user notifications – penalizing unsafe vehicle use. It also clearly delineates preferred parking zones and parking zone enforcement options. This has the capability to allow safer onboarding for inexperienced new riders by limiting speeds, the effective rollout of Beam parking incentives, whilst reducing drunk scooting, vandalism and loss.

In terms of maintenance, Christopher said that the scooters will be regularly checked by marshals for safety and be brought for servicing after every 300 rides. Also, users can report if they experience a problem with the ride.

After Malaysia, Beam is looking to expand its services in Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

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