Being satisfied with little things brings peace to life

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little things
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The biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is the best example for us. Notice his holy life. What was his worldly life and form of life and livelihood? By the time he left the world, there had never been a day when he ate two loaves of bread filled with olive oil. (Muslim)

So, if you have enough wealth, then do you have to give up earnings? No, that’s not the case. The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said, “It is better to leave your heirs in a state of wealth than to leave them helpless, begging at the door of the people.” (Bukhari)

Real affluence in the affluence of the heart

One day the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to his Companion Abu Jarr (R), “O Abu Jarr! Do you consider the abundance of wealth to be prosperity? ” Abu Jarr (R) replied, “Yes, O Messenger of Allah.” Then the Prophet said, “Then do you consider the scarcity of wealth to be poverty?” He said, “Yes, O Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) heard this and said, “In fact, affluence of the heart is the real affluence and the poverty of the heart is the real poverty.”

Why only Abu Jarr, this is the definition of rich and poor for every human being. He who is rich in wealth is considered rich by all, and he who is not rich in wealth is considered poor by all. But the Prophet (peace be upon him) avoided this natural truth and showed us a great truth. Anyone who is prudent understands the matter.

In another hadith, the subject is described more briefly but in a more significant manner. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The abundance of wealth is not affluence, but the real affluence is the affluence of the heart. (Bukhari, Muslim)

Lust for wealth and little satisfaction

If you want to continue in the world, you need money and resources. That’s normal. And the attraction of people to these resources is also normal. In the Holy Quran, Allah also says, “Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire – of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return.” (3: 14)

The beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) also said, “If one of the children of Adam owns the wealth of two valleys, he will look for another valley. Only the soil can fill the belly of Adam’s child! ” (Bukhari).

This restless lust for wealth is the nature of man. However, for those who can overcome this disposition and naturalness, those who are satisfied with more or less their own wealth, life in this difficult world become happy and peaceful for them. This quality of being satisfied in this way is called “Kana’at” or ‘little satisfaction’. One of the companions of the Prophet counseled his son, “Son, listen! When you look for something, you will look for it with a little satisfaction. And if you do not have a little satisfaction in your heart, then no wealth will be of any use to you.”

Full blessing

The hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is more vivid. He said, “When one of you spends the day in a safe and healthy body in his own house and has the food of that day, it is as if he has been given all the blessings of the whole world.” (Tirmidhi).

Safe shelter, healthy body, and food for the whole day, then what else do you want!

We can take livelihood, income, little satisfaction, etc. as the basic principles. Whoever is provided with sustenance from Allah, he will get it. No one can afford it. So as long as one is satisfied with what has come to him, there will be no more grief for him. In this way, the heart will be calm.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said very emphatically and firmly that no one will die before he receives the prescribed sustenance in full. That is the judgment of our Lord. It is our duty to simply strive for that livelihood.

If one wants to be successful in this way by being satisfied with a few things, then one needs to have firm faith and trust in Allah, one needs to remember the ephemerality of the world. Achieving this quality will lead to success not only in this finite life of this world but also in the eternal life of the hereafter.

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