Biography of Prophet Moses (AS): Lessons for us

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Prophet Moses (AS)

The stories of the prophets are discussed in the Quran for two purposes. To inform Muslims about historical information and to learn from the biographies of the prophets. There are many lessons for us to understand from the biography of Prophet Moses (AS). They are briefly discussed below:

Humbleness and good manners of Prophet Moses (AS)

The importance of this quality in the case of Islamic Dawah is immense. Humility brings the Dawah closer to the hearer and motivates them to embrace the religion. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) along with Noah (peace be upon him) and Moses (peace be upon him) was the best examples of this quality. In the Holy Quran,

“So, by the grace of Allah, you are merciful to them, and if you had a hard temper and a hard heart, they would have turned away from you. So forgive them and their faults, and ask forgiveness of Allah for their sins, and consult with them in the matter. Then when you are determined, then rely on Allah; surely Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.” (3: 159)

Prophet Moses (AS) gave clear speeches and statements

In the case of Dawah, speeches and statements attract people like a magnet. Clear speech has a magical effect on the human heart. Even the hard heart became humble, polite, and decent in taking the advice of righteousness. As seen between Moses and Pharaoh and his people.

Coordinating both excitement and intimidation

In addition to calling people to good deeds, they will also be alerted to all kinds of heinous acts such as injustice, sin, and filth. Only then will the invitation be fully effective. The Prophet (peace be upon him) declared the reward of Allah to the people as well as His punishment to the nations.

Contradicting the opponent’s statements in the best way

It is a very effective way of naming wisdom and propagating the Islamic call. Prophet Moses (AS) argued with his opponents in the best way possible to disprove all their statements. Even today, in order to disprove the statements of those who oppose Islam, it is necessary to try to answer it in the best possible way by excelling in the knowledge of the debate. In this regard, Allah says,

“Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good advice, and argue with people in the best way.” (17: 125)

Invitation to religion in adverse circumstances

Just as a caller of Islam will resort to wisdom in the matter of Dawah, so will the true religion remains steadfast and unwavering in all favorable and unfavorable circumstances. In this case, the tyranny of the oppressive ruler will not deviate from the path of truth as a result of this threat.

Moses (AS) was transformed into a full-fledged human being by living in adverse conditions from birth. Yet for a moment he did not turn away from the true religion. Allah sheltered him in the house of his archenemy Pharaoh. Therefore, it is possible to remain steadfast in the true and right path by expecting help and refuge from Allah Almighty at all times.

In this regard, Allah says,

“Surely those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah,’ then the angels descend to them and say, ‘Do not be afraid, do not worry and listen to the glad tidings of Paradise which you have promised. We are your friends in this world and in the Hereafter.’ There you have what your heart desires and there you have what you claim. It’s a warm welcome from the Forgiving Merciful.” (41: 30-32)


In conclusion, it can be said that Moses (AS) was a great caller of Islam. As a caller of Islam, he was the source of innumerable virtues. Arriving in the world in a very unfavorable situation, he called for the worship of one Allah by protecting people from all kinds of oppression and persecution.

In order to spread the Islamic message among the people, he used various wise strategies depending on the place, time and vessel. He did not even hesitate to rely on Allah’s help and reliance on him to make the Dawah fruitful. As well as to use the best materials of his time. Allah has honored him by speaking directly to him. Therefore, even in today’s age, if someone chooses this ideology and method, we believe that it will create a revolution.

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