Books in Islam: What a contemporary Muslim should read?

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Books in Islam
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There are a lot of benefits of reading books in Islam. According to Holy Quran, everything about the prophethood of the Prophet (SAW) started with the word, “read!”

“O Muhammad, read!” the invisible voice boomed in that blessed cave of Mount Hira’. The man, whom the voice addressed, stood still in anticipation. He did not know how to read or recite. Then, the Arch Angel Gabriel stated to him the verse of Allah.

“Read, in the name of Lord who created men from a clinging substance. Recite, and your Lord is the Most Generous, Who taught by the pen. Taught man that which he knew not.” [Quran 96: 1-5]

Therefore, we can say that the underlying message of our Holy Quran was and presently always “read”. Books in Islam also reflect that.

Reading enhances knowledge

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) learned this from the Arch Angel. He followed this and instructed his followers to do the same. Prophet (SAW) encouraged them to expand their ideas and thoughts by seeking knowledge. He was always keen to learn, be it from reading or hearing other people’s experiences.

Books in Islam: Must read books for the seeker and true Muslim

We should try our best to increase our love for Islamic literature. Our literature is very much resourceful. Though a major portion of it is still unknown to the Western world. Books in Islam always help a true Muslim. A true Muslim must read Quran every day as it has almost all aspects of a Muslim’s life. Also, one should read and recite Hadeeth religiously.

Apart from that, here are a few suggestions from some esteemed Muslim scholars. One should follow this list to be enlightened and to follow Allah’s way uninterruptedly.

1. As if you were a stranger by Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

This book is the explanation of one of the ahaadeeth from the famous Ibn Hanbali’s book. The book named as Jaami Al-Uloom wal-Hakim. This book explained the hadith number 40.

2. Ash-Shifa by Al-Qadi Iyyad

This is a remarkable book! It has the life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), along with his qualities. Moreover, his miracles are described in every detail.

3. Al-Arbin by Sha Wali Ad-Dihlawi

In this book, the great 18th century Hadeeth master Shah Wali transmits 40 ahadeeths that he learned directly from his teacher. The name of his teacher was Sheikh Abu Tahir al-Madani. Also, there is an uninterrupted chain of transmission through Imam al-Husayn( may Allah be pleased).

4. Ar-Raheeq ul Makhtum by Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarikpuri

If a seeker wants to study the whole life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), he or she must read this book. It was published in 1976. It was even awarded first prize by the World Muslim League.

5. Tafsir Ibne Kathir by Umar Ibn Kathir

This book is a comprehensive collection and explanation of our Holy Qur’an. The book has the deepest and most correct knowledge and righteous work.

6. Riyadh as-Salihin by Imam Nawawi

This book is a compilation of 1900 Hadeeths. It is divided into 344 chapters which are introduced by the holy verses of the Quran.

7. Muqaddimah by Ibn Khaldun

It is written by the famous historian Ibn Khaldun in the year 1377. The book deals with Islamic history, theology, political aspects, and natural sciences. It is one of the bases of Islamic society.

Reading Islamic books is essential as they give proximity to our peaceful religion. As true Muslims, we should always read and follow what is written in the books in Islam.