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Brain chip
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The Neuralink company presided by Elon Musk now proposes the first brain chip they call The Link. So what does it mean? It means now, your dream of becoming a cyborg is a graspable reality. Maybe you won’t be able to generate laser rays from your eyes, but this invention is no short of offering you locally applicable superpowers. Let me break it down further for you.

I’m sure many of us can remember spending entire nights racing through the decorate pages of some animated comic strip. Sometimes, way past our bedtime. When the bedroom lights went off, tucked under the blanket with the comic strip and a flashlight, we would instantly get pulled into some fascinating new detective story. Where crazy characters would jump out from every other page as the suspenseful tale unveiled exciting new villains.

If you were one of those kids, and some of those comics happened to be DC or Marvel, than certainly at some point or other you’ve imagined how cool it would be to have cyber-augmentations like some of the characters. If that is the case, wonder not further. The future is upon us my friend. The advancements in cybernetic augmentations have gone much further than just providing robotic arms and prosthetic legs to replace lost limbs.

What does the brain chip proposal aim for?

Indeed, this brain-computer interface sets the bar quite high for the problems it aims to solve. Notably aspiring to eliminate issues of anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, addiction, strokes, extreme pain, and many others.

Having undergone successful testing on multiple pigs, the brain-device has proven to be functional and non-damaging to the brain over time. Placing it on top of the board as one of the hottest recent inventions.

You can even have several chips installed at the same time. Each operating to serve different functions.

But how does this actually work ?

Basically, the brain-device is surgically inserted through a small, coin-sized hole carved at the top of your head. It’s then connected to your brain’s neuro-network via 1000 microscopic electric hairs. They latch onto several neurones in order to send and receive signals from the brain. After completing the operation, you are able to get up and walk around within the hour.

This might sound a little scary at first, but the capabilities of this chip are really quite impressive. In a presentation video of The Link, Elon Musk stated that this device would be capable of actually storing your memory and eventually transferring it onto a hard drive. Isn’t that insane ? Imagine having your own memory on a USB key..

Realistically speaking, there is a lot of potential in this new device and certainly this is but the beginning of what brain chips will achieve in the future.

Brain chip and health

It comes without saying that, some people are and will be sceptical towards such procedures. Some for health security issues, others proposing conspiracy theories to state that Elon Musk will mind-manipulate us through The Link. And though we still know too little about the brain for such high level manipulation, some of the concerns aren’t unfounded. It is our brain after all !

All in all, this technology is undoubtedly one that will priority board us onto the journey for fascinating and wild discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and robotics. Though this might intimidate some, others will be glad to finally become part machine and reap the benefits of peak modern technology.


(Written by Hussein Al-Bahir)

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