Bringing up our children without raising our voices

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There are a variety of different effective ways we can utilise when trying to discipline our children to avoid raising our voice or shouting at them.

When we have clearly explained to our children what they can and cannot do, and we have asked them to check that they understand these boundaries, we will be taking positive steps to help and guide them. In doing so, they will be more able to avoid negative behaviours as they will clearly understand the difference between right and wrong. Sometimes, children overstep lines and it appears to us that the have done so intentionally, but it could be that they did not have a clear understanding of the rules to start with.

We want our children to make right choices

More than anything, of course our aim is to help and guide our children, and raising our voice with them is not something pleasant for us, nor for them. When explaining rules to them, we could also remember to tell them the consequences they will face for not following the rules. Making these consequences known to them beforehand will help us to encourage our children to make the right choices in the way they behave.

Something that will encourage children to make the right choices is by showing them what the positive outcomes of this will be. When we explain to them what they will be rewarded with, it will be an incentive for them to behave in the correct way. Praising our children can go a long way in clearly showing them that we appreciate their good behaviour and the efforts they make to do the right thing. We will be making it clear that their positive attitude is being acknowledged.

Warnings as discipline

Giving warnings to our children as we discipline them is also an effective way for us to avoid having to raise our voice, as it means that we will be reminding them on a couple of occasions that what they are doing is wrong. When we realise that they are still not making the right choice in the way they are behaving, we will be able to explain to them that we had given them warnings to remind them, and that they still did not follow the rules. In these firm warnings that we give our children – without raising our voices, we could tell them again what the negative consequences will be for making the wrong choices, and what the positive consequences will be for making the right choices. This will help us to avoid repeatedly raising our voices.

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