British arrivals have returned coronavirus to New Zealand

Grigory Matyunin 16-Jun-2020
Virus design with hazmat suit doctor in background
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New Zealand has registered its first new cases of coronavirus in three weeks imported from Britain.

Two British travellers had arrived in New Zealand on the 7th June, at a time when New Zealand had no further active cases. The two were initially quarantined in Auckland and then allowed to leave for Wellington on compassionate grounds to visit a dying relative in line with new regulations enacted on the 9th June. According to health authorities they were not tested before leaving for their destination.

One of the women had mild symptoms that were mistakenly believed to result from a pre-existing medical condition. They were therefore placed in managed isolation rather than strict quarantine.

New Zealand public health authorities are undertaking intensive efforts to trace the individuals that may have had contact with the women. CCTV footage in airports is being reviewed and hotel staff are being screened.

The government of New Zealand has been praised for its efforts in dealing with coronavirus.