Charity Made Easy Through SalamSadaqah

Halal Contributor

One of the beautiful aspects of Islam is that while it encourages Muslims to do good, the act of righteousness can be done according to one’s capability.

Sadaqah, translates to the act of charity that’s purely done out of compassion or generosity, and it’s the one action that comes easy for all no matter rich or poor.

That smile you pass to a stranger, the potential harm you remove from a pathway for the safety of others, is considered as charity already. It truly is an easy way to increase our iman and earn rewards from Allah SWT.

“For those who give in charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward.” – Quran, Surah 57:18.

Now, the advancement of technology has made it incredibly easy for Muslims to perform ceaseless charity.  A prime example would be SalamSadaqah, an interesting feature found in SalamWeb.

This feature incorporates the Islamic practice of sadaqah into the browsing experience. Users can easily translate their everyday Internet experience to a charitable cause, simply by browsing through SalamWeb.

Through web searches or content reports via SalamTag (another feature that allows users to rate websites whether it contains appropriate content) these actions made by users consequently turn into fractional amounts of donation.

The donations will then be contributed to collectively reach a total target amount funded by SalamWeb in order to donate to a certain campaign or cause.

SalamWeb’s Managing Director, Puan Hajjah Hasni Zarina said it’s an easy way for users to do their bit of charity.

“Simply by browsing through SalamWeb, users are already giving back to society,” she said.

Currently, SalamWeb partners up with Global Sadaqah, a donation crowdfunding platform that matches corporate donations from the public to programmes and campaigns trusted by charity partners.

“The charity projects change monthly so users have a period of one month to contribute and help reach the target amount, before we move on to the next charity project” she said.

“While we are working with Global Sadaqah, SalamWeb is open to partner up with various other organisations as well,” said Hasni.

Users can track Salam Sadaqah’s progress bar simply by clicking on the Sadaqah widget on the homepage of SalamWeb.

They can also find out more about the charity project of the month, by clicking on the ‘Full Story’ button. It will link users to have a better understanding of where the donation is being channeled.

For example, the charity project for this month would be for Masjid Aisha: Building a House in Jannah. The campaign story entails that An-Nadaa Educational Foundation, the first government certified Muslim organisation on the ground to make a change for the poor and needy Muslims in Nigeria is building mosques in villages across Zaria state in Nigeria to open venues for the local public to learn Islam and experience the bond of brotherhood established by a masjid (mosque).

“SalamSadaqah is just one of the many features we offer that is consistent with Islamic values.

“In line with providing a positive online experience for users, we are also encouraging users to do good,” said Hasni.

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