China reports no covid-19 deaths

World Grigory Matyunin 08-Apr-2020
Chinese man wear surgical masks
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China had its first day since January where no new deaths from coronavirus were reported.

Since March the number of cases has been falling. China’s measures – contact tracing, prompt testing procedures as well as an efficient lockdown of Hubei province – have received praise from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Western officials have criticised China’s statements and US President Donald Trump has attacked the work of the WHO, threatening to cut its funding. Trump also accused the organisation’s handling of the crisis, stating that ‘they really missed the call.’

Trump’s approach to dealing with the pandemic has been criticised by a range of public health officials. The death toll in the US is approaching 13,000, with New York alone losing over 4,000 residents.

The developments come as the United Kingdom fears for the welfare of its Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is spending a second night in intensive care. Concerns are being raised over the handling of government responsibilities as the number of confirmed cases stands at 55,242 and the number of deaths at 6,159. France has had its worst day of the pandemic so far, losing 833 people in one day.

The countries of the Middle East are struggling with the pandemic. Iran is among the hardest hit country’s, its outbreak aggravated by reluctance to impose a lockdown and US sanctions. Saudi Arabia has sealed off Mecca and Medina in an unprecedented move to curtail the outbreak.