Clean-energy advocates gather at Riyadh to prepare for CEM11/MI-5

World Yen Doran 06-Feb-2020
View of Kigdom tower and Riyadh from Faisaliah tower, Saudi Arabia. © Elgru |

The Saudi Ministry of Energy under the patronage of Minister of Energy, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, had called for a preparatory meeting for the 11th Clean Energy Ministerial and fifth Mission Innovation Ministerial (CEM11/MI-5) in Riyadh on Feb. 5.

CEM is a high-level global forum, the members of which include 27 nations and the European Commission for the promotion of policies and programs that advance clean-energy technology.

Mission Innovation is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Commission that works to accelerate innovation in the field of clean energy.

The meeting was attended by representatives from 24 countries and the European Union to discuss a number of issues related to clean energy.

Issues discussed included ways to accelerate innovation in clean-energy technologies to reach the goals of sustainable development; climate change; and ways to increase investment in research, development and innovation in the field including work with the private sector aiming to increase its investment in the area.

The Saudi innovations in clean energy were also reviewed in the workshop which included research, development and innovations in the field of carbon-capture techniques and the reuse of solar-cell technologies.

A presentation on the carbon circular economy was delivered that manufacturers cut waste, reuse and recycle materials and regenerate natural systems to reduce the effect that the industry has on the environment.

The Kingdom also presented its program for its presidency of the G20 this year and its research and development efforts in preparation for CEM11/MI-5, which will take place in June in Chile.