Cool New Camera Features of Oppo Reno 2

Oppo has released its latest iteration of its popular Oppo series, the Reno2. Some of the cool features of the Reno2 series is that it pushes the boundaries of mobile photography.

Some of the noteworthy trends in smartphones this year is the rise of multiple lenses. The new Oppo Reno2 has a quad-camera setup which includes 5x Hybrid Zoom allowing users to bring a subject or object that is extremely far, close to them. The four cameras not only offers 5x Hybrid Zoom but it also offers Ultra-Wide Angle lens and more.

Three lenses of varying focal lengths work in unison to create a unique 5x Hybrid Zoom effect from the ultra-wide angle to telephoto. This fuses image technology to ensure a smooth and seamless zoom transition. Capturing moments at concert or long-distance scenarios can now be captured in crisp, high-quality images.


The ultra-wide angle lens features an impressive 116 degrees perspective, bringing out even more different images and phtoo themes. Users can now shoot vast and boundless landscapes day or night, and even in small or confided spaces demonstrating the handset’s performance regardless of the subject or environment.

With the Reno2 series, users can also achieve better performance in low light thanks to its 48MP primary lens that is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization, F1.7 aperture, and a ½-inch sensor along with Quad Bayer technology.

While the naked human eye can’t penetrate darkness, the Reno2 allows users to capture stunning scenes such as fireflies at night and candlelight dinners.


Not just limited to photos, the Reno2 also focuses on videography. The brand’s Ultra Steady Video Mode technology ups the stability of videos, enabling users to capture steady videos while running, skiing, cycling and more.

Even famous singer, actor, host and Chinese superstar Jam Hsiao is a fan of the cool new features.


“The features I admire most about the Reno2 is the quad camera technology. This allows me to click ultra-high-quality imaging whether in landscape or portrait, day light or low-light, far or near.

“It allows me to have a fresh perspective by offering me a whole new world in photography and videography, far away from the conventional style,” he said.

Meanwhile Malaysian superstar agreed and said: “Whenever I’m traveling and I come across an image that captures my attention, all I have to do is take out my Reno2. Coupled with its latest quad camera technology and ultra-steady video mode, the phone is able to lock down the essence of the photo or video I’m trying to capture, whether it’s a group of children playing on the street or a beautiful flower in the breeze,” she said.

The Oppo Reno2 will go on sale on Oct 26 and onwards at every Oppo Concept Store, Oppo Official dealer stores in Malaysia as well as its official website, and e-commerce partner’s store such as Lazada or Shopee.