Coping when level of Imaan (Faith) runs low

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Coping with situations when our level of Imaan (Faith) runs low
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How do we forget so easily that this life which Allah has allowed us to live is only temporary? Why do we so often avoid acting upon this belief of ours? It is unquestionably difficult, for us as human beings, to always keep it at the forefront of our minds that one day we will depart from this world at the time decreed by our Creator.

We shouldn’t be disheartened by this difficulty, though. This very difficulty was already written for us to experience by our Creator. We should strive to remember that Allah is indeed in charge of what we will go through in our lives – including the struggles we face.

Our duty as Muslims is not to simply to sit and ponder on why we struggle to keep the Aakhirah (Afterlife) at the forefront of our minds. Nor should we overthink why our level of motivation and enthusiasm to pray is never stationary.

Allah didn’t decree for our motivations in this life to ever be invariable. Nor did He decree that we will always be focused on the Aakhirah. However, what he did decree is that we will be rewarded for the struggles we go through when trying to raise our level of Imaan (faith). Allah says:

“Do people think they will be left alone after saying ‘We believe’ without being put to the test?” (Qur’an 29:2)

This should help us to feel better whenever we feel a drop in our level of Imaan, as we will be grateful that we are even noticing it. Of course, not noticing the decrease at all would no doubt be much more unfortunate and detrimental to us.

Most importantly, when we do notice ourselves feeling more distant from our religion, we should remember that Allah sees everything. When we feel alone, we should remind ourselves that Allah is always with us and that he sees every single one of our struggles. We should make du’aa (a prayer) for Him to guide us.

It is these very du’aas we make when going through our times of struggle, loneliness and confusion that ultimately help us to raise our level of Imaan. Through this time that we spend making sincere du’aa, we don’t realise that our minds and hearts are being freed of worldly matters.

Through our attention towards the distancing from our faith, alongside our hope to improve as Muslims, we should keep our minds focused on Allah. The same way that we mainly remember our Creator when we feel sad as opposed to when we are happy. When our Imaan is low we should always use it as an opportunity to seek Allah, as many of us are lead astray by following and dealing with only worldly matters. We should remember the hadith:

“When Allah (SWT) desires good for someone, He tries him with hardships.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

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