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Coronavirus – A Blessing in Disguise

Blood test samples COVID- 19
Coronavirus blood test concept - laboratory desk © Olga Vynnychenko |

Is the Coronavirus a blessing to us or should we fear its consequences ?

Without a doubt, the Coronavirus is a veiled blessing from God. This epidemic has brought us back to our senses, to our Creator, to our people and to the teachings of Islam; similarly to the doings of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

The virus is reinforcing humanity’s belief in the power of God, getting us closer in worship, and focusing the minds of people on what’s most important – seeking forgiveness in order to attain salvation with our God Almighty. Indeed, there are things that, if observed under a slightly different angle, may appear quite positive in regards to the surfacing of COVID-19.

One of the most important and positive consequence of the proliferation of the disease is that families have once again reunited in their homes. This is especially a great opportunity for those relatives who haven’t seen each other for prolonged periods of time to get together with the closest people.

Considering its effects upon the earth, Coronavirus has caused those who incessantly bathe in luxury and excess, straying in their deeds from the ways of Allah, to overthink their position in this world and turn themselves towards God in their time of isolation.

Reducing the pullulation of the virus via individual isolation still remains a priority. 1441 years ago, our dear Prophet (SAW) taught mankind etiquette, which they were unaware of, namely how to sneeze, cough and yawn, may God bless him and grant him peace. These regulations of hygiene are now more than ever relevant and we thank the Messenger of Allah for them.

It can be brought to our attention that the disease helped raise global awareness of the dangers concerning drinking blood, selling and eating of wild animals, and animals that don’t go through a standardised checking procedure.

Likewise, the coronavirus supported governments’ investments into their Health sectors, instead of channelling their spendings into expanding military power.

Yet another optimistic outcome of this eventuality was that officials in their countries started reconsidering the conditions of prisoners. Bad hygiene in closed environments can become a huge problem really quickly when dealing with a sickness like coronavirus. Thus, measures of sterilisation were drastically increased, and more thorough control of food quality was implemented across multiple countries.

In ecological terms, this is can be seen as a chance for the earth to take a small breath from all the continuous damage caused by factories and machinery which cut down forests, accelerate the melting of icecaps and pollute the waters.

What mankind is living through now is the result of man’s own tyranny and arrogance. Some thought that they would not be held accountable for their actions against the teachings of God, assuming they owned the land with everything on it. Consequently, God could only punish us for our deeds, sending a message out to restore us to the righteous path.

We must realise that the calamity that was produced by the outbreak can be beneficial for the spiritual development and maturing of mankind. By so, do not detest the virus as once the commotion ceases, humanity will evolve and never return to being the same.

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