Coronavirus cases in Asia surpass 250,000

World Grigory Matyunin 05-May-2020
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Outbreaks in in Singapore, Pakistan and India have driven the number of covid-19 cases in Asia over the 250,000 milestone despite the fact that the spread of the virus has slowed in China and Japan.

Nonetheless, the number of cases in the region accounts for a mere 7 percent of the global total with Europe and North America accounting for 30 and 34 percent, respectively. The death toll in Asia is approaching 10,000 which constitutes 4 percent of the global total and less than that of the United Kingdom alone which today surpassed Italy as the country with the highest death toll in Europe. The United States currently has the highest death toll worldwide, with approximately 70,000 deaths.

Some experts, however, have warned that the number of cases is under-reported in Asia as many virus victims remain undiagnosed. A number of states report only cases detected in hospitals which excludes from official statistics those who remain at home, in nursing homes and those who are asymptomatic.

In Pakistan, the number of daily diagnoses has increased recently, partially explained by a growth in testing. Despite this, Islamabad has announced its intention to ease lockdown measures and reopen the economy.

Infections in Singapore are approaching 20,000 with large outbreaks detected in migrant worker dormitories, however, the death toll stands at only 18. Lockdown measures were eased this week.