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Coronavirus – Not as big a threat as they say

Coronavirus world cloud
Map of China with Coronavirus mind-map © Andrea Simon |

Wishing to get ahead on the glory, journalists often report things in a way that accounts for little context and perspective of the actual event. Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in China in December 2019, speculation quickly spread of a deadly disease menacing to decimate the population.

Certainly, there is an inherent risk in a disease of which little is known and is susceptible to mutation. Nevertheless, the novelty itself of the disease remains one of the largest threats yet, as the statistics associated with the disease aren’t particularly threatening when put in adequate perspective.

When compared with the flu’s (influenza) effect in the US this season, causing an estimate of 32 million illnesses and 18,000 deaths according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Coronavirus sizes up to around 100,000 sicknesses around the globe starting from December, with an assessed lethality rate of less than 2%.

In correlation, some scientists tend towards the opinion that COVID-19 has more potential for devastation  than the flu. The latter commonly falls between the months of October and February. The Coronavirus however, doesn’t abide by these seasonal rules and thus, may eventually pose a significant threat without due control.

Albeit, panic and extreme measures are unnecessary and detrimental on many levels. Simply keeping a good level of personal hygiene and avoiding crowded places with air conditioning will be as good a precaution for the flu as for the COVID-19.

In effect, what may grow into more of a problem than the actual disease are those who frantically spread panic. People who are misinformed and readily influenced by the frequent reports of the media might be incited to directly or indirectly cause unnecessary problems for various tiers of society.

It is understandable to have a natural feeling of fear towards travelling to China, or now Italy, where the disease is currently most spread. This will inevitably bring the tourism business’ to suffer in those countries where infections are most numerous. Nevertheless, stimulating others to the state of neurosis on the topic only helps those who benefit from this outbreak.

Almost any war or epidemic can be as detrimental to some, as it will be beneficial for the prosperity of others. There is a saying stating that if you can’t make money during a war, you can’t make money at all. In the same way, many are attempting to make a living off of the spread of Coronavirus.

Spreading superfluous anxiety will only prolong the global economic recession caused by the reduce in import, export and tourism in general, while benefiting mainly the research facilities that are working on the cause and the providers of masks.

We commonly feel apprehensive towards that which is unknown and/or beyond our comprehension. The novel Coronavirus however, is quickly being taken under control, with scientists having already figured out the main factors behind susceptibility to be infected. Seeing this you needn’t worry, the end of the world is far and the population will not be brought to the brink of extinction by yet another flu. 

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