Daddy issues: Interesting signs that prove you have it

Psychology Yara Lotfy
Daddy issues
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Daddy issues, or simply put attachment issues, prevent us from connecting with others. Anyone having troubles with their fathers or relationships in adulthood prevent them from forming healthy and secure attachments. The problem we need to worry about is not having daddy issues, rather, it is about not acknowledging that we already have them. Therefore, you need to know the signs to do something about it before it is too late.

Here are some signs to consider:

Going for unavailable people

Without even noticing your daddy issues, you tend to stick with people who do not fit in the same page as you are. This behavior could be perceived as a form of self-protection. As a result, you find yourself chasing people who don’t look for long-term commitment. Even though you might commit in a relationship, chances are it will not last. These types of people usually don’t believe in true love, marriages, or relationships as you do.

Choosing older men

Older men are attractive, confident, and in most cases have a stable life. If you had previous daddy issues with your father, then you tend to lean towards older men. If you’re a woman, this is in exchange for protection and affection that you did not enjoy during your childhood. Thus, you go and chase older people to feel the sentiments that you never experienced before. These feelings include the feeling of security, approval, etc.

Involving in daddy issues

Maybe your father could be abusive towards you or your mom, died at a young age, or simply absent. Might sound cliche but your relationship with him determines your relationship with other men. That’s enough to know that you may have daddy issues and attachment problems that require healing. You find yourself relating your mother’s experience with your dad, and everything suddenly falls apart.

Avoiding commitment

Daddy issues will push you to avoid any kind of emotional commitment, at any cost. For instance, if you catch a spark with another person, you quickly run. You find yourself becoming more private with yourself. And eventually, you end up ghosting them before letting them in.

Putting unhealthy boundaries is another mark to consider here. Staying with a person for a long-term relationship will be your worst nightmare. Your greatest fear will be abandonment.

Daddy issues make you clingy and jealous

Those who grew up with little-to-no attention from their parents tend to have anxious attachment towards their partners. As a result, you shower your partner with endless reassurance of their love towards you. You may have unhealthy jealousy and overprotection behaviours towards your partner. What you do not see coming is that having dependency problems will eventually lead to abandonment. Your partner will not handle the amount of pressures and fights that they face from your half.

Over-investing in people

Those who have daddy issues suffer from a constant feeling of being not good enough. So they overthink, overdo and over-expect from others in order to feel better about themselves. They do anything to gain attention and approval from their surroundings. In several cases, you tend to be everyone’s fixer and healer, while you are the one who needs them. Providing affection, support, and love with a constant need of approval in return will haunt you.

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