Damaged hair under the hijab? Few tips to manage it.

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hair under the hijab
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Hijab is essential for we Muslim women. Hijab depicts our religion, culture and lifestyle. Allah always wanted us to be modest and hijab helps to maintain the modesty. But wearing it for long periods of the day can somewhat damage our hair. The hair under the hijab constantly gets rubbed in the cloth, which makes it dry and rough. Here are some tips for the nourishment of the hair under the hijab to keep them healthy and shiny.

1. Use a good hairbrush for your hair under the hijab

Often we don’t pay attention to what kind of brush we are using. A wrong kind of brush can cause hair loss vehemently. Therefore, at first, find out which type of hair accessory suits you. Be it a comb or the hairbrush. Also check if your hair does better with medium, large or fine bristles. The right kind of brush will help you to avoid tugging while brushing.

2. Don’t comb or brush wet hair

One mistake we all do when we are in hurry is combing wet hair. Don’t brush or comb wet hair as when hair is wet, the hair follicles become soft. This makes the hair weak. Combing the weak hair causes breakage and hair fall. Give your wet hair at least 1 hour before using a brush.

3. No damp hair under the hijab

This causes dandruff. If you have this habit of wearing your under scarf and hijab on your damp or wet hair, stop it now! It will even cause scalp itching. Plan a hair washing routine or wash your hair on alternate nights. Therefore, your hair will get time to become naturally dry.

4. Managing flat hair under the hijab

After wearing a hijab for several years, our hair usually tends to fall flat. This is because the scarf exerts a little bit of pressure on the hair. The hair becomes worse if it is thin. So you must braid your hair or put up a bun before putting on your under scarf. Don’t forget to change your side parting frequently.

5. Taking care of your dry hair

Coarse hair means your hair is dry, moreover, it looks dull and frizzy. Use some liquid serum or moisturiser on your hair and leave it for a few minutes. Then tie the hair in a bun, then put on your under scarf and hijab. Always be careful to avoid hair dryers and hair irons.

6. Hair spa

Try hair spa at home after a long day. Massage your hair with conditioners, hair masks and oils regularly. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter or cocoa butter as a massage cream. It will strengthen your hair follicles. Massaging the scalp and hair with warm oil infused with hair-friendly herbs is the best way to nourish your hair. After that, wash the hair with a soft shampoo and lukewarm water.

Hair is an asset for we women. We should take care of this asset no matter how busy our schedule gets.

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