Different Ways to Consume Dates

Healthy Foods Contributor

Dates are a staple on iftar tables during Ramadan. It is known that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would break his fast with a few fresh or dried dates, or a sip of water.  Prophet Muhammad once said: “Respect date palms, which are your relatives. Because the first date tree was created with the same mud from which Adam was created.”

Dates are nutrient powerhouses and are excellent to break the fast with or eat during Suhoor. While dates are satisfying enough in its natural form, it’s not wrong to get inject some creativity when consuming the fruit.


Drink ‘em!

The natural sweetness of dates make for an incredible juice, but it’s even greater when added to a smoothie. Add dates to whole milk and blend to create a yummy, thick milkshake. Perfect to consume after a long day of fasting!


Cook ‘em!

Because dates are practically nature’s candy, it makes for a great flavor when added to cakes, cookies, cupcakes and so much more. Chop them up finely or blend it in the food processor to easily make date paste and turn it into a healthy substitute for sugar. If cooking them doesn’t entice you, opt for healthy no bake bars that can also include dates.


Garnish ‘em!

This is an easy alternative to incorporate dates into your diet. Simply chop them up or throw them into salads if you appreciate a hint of sweetness in your dishes.


Puree ‘em!

Turning dates into puree might be a good decision to make. Date paste can serve as a substitute for the traditional white sugar. Once turned into puree, it can be kept in the refrigerator because it would be a great addition to a morning bowl of oatmeal or a nighttime a glass of milk.


Photo credit: medicalnewstoday.com and big.com.my