Discover Unique Scents of ASQ Perfume

It was narrated by Thumamah bin ‘Abdullah: Anas said:

“Indeed the Prophet (peace be upon him) would not refuse perfume.”

Using perfume on the body and clothes is not wrong, as it does not affect the validity of the prayer.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) love perfumes, so wearing perfumes is a highly encouraged act among Muslims.

When we think of fragrances, we think of super well-known high-end brands from the West, but one brand that’s also acknowledged as one of the most luxurious brands in the world would be Abdul Samad Al Qurashi (ASQ), a family-owned business from Arab Saudi with 150 years of rich heritage.

What started in 1932 bearing Abdul Samad Al Qurashi’s name, has been passed down from generation to generation through his four sons, and their expertise is in Aoud, Musk, Amber, Bakhoor, Agarwood Oil.

Surely, if you have performed your hajj or Umrah, you would come across this iconic brand which stores all around Saudi Arabia, with the headquarter in Mecca.

Not only available in Saudi Arabia, but ASQ is also offered across countries like Canada, London, Paris, and even Russia.

ASQ offers a myriad of products including essences, boukhour, fragrances, colognes, balms, perfumes and hair and body products made from various unique ingredients such as sandalwood, frankincense, saffron, bergamot, aoud, and even musk which is a scent well-loved by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It was highlighted in many hadiths about Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) love of scent like musk.

“The Messenger of Allah said: The Best of perfume is musk,” as narrated by Abu Sa’eed.

Customers can find a selection of concentrated perfumes infused with musk. A few examples would be the Deer Musk, a concentrated perfume with the finest types of black musk, or the Grape Musk, a concentrated perfume made with a blend of grape, pear and peach and musk while its Mandarin Musk is a fruity woody musky blend of mandarin, orange roses, and vetiver.

Perfume aficionados should also check out other collections from the brand like The One, Ambassador Bouquet, ASQ Exotic, Amber & Saffron Bouquet, Tahara Musk, Roses Bouquet, Room Linen, and many more.

Fauzi Awang, the Director of PNS Franchise Business Division in Malaysia said that the products are not associated with attar oil, a type of oil that is widely used in perfumes in Arab Saudi.

“ASQ perfumes are made with natural ingredients with no chemicals, so it’s safe to use when praying, for those who are cautious about perfumes.

All these oriental scents are blended together to produce high quality aromas, said Fauzi.

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